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0 calorie foods

A List Of 0 Calorie Foods To Help You Stay Fit And Healthy

Do you want to get healthy and stay fit? Does 0 calorie foods sound like a fantasy to you? This list of 0 calorie foods will help you track your fitness and moreover health journey. Eat as many as you crave and also keep on track.

Asparagus: 0 Calorie Foods

Asparagus is ready to become an A-lister in your food diary as its versatile, light, and likewise comes in three colors, including purple, green, and white. The vibrant vegetable can also eliminate chances of heart disease, and moreover, a whole cup only has 30 calories.


It’s true, apples do keep the doctors away, and so do the calories. They are full of vitamins, nutrition, and also deliciously juicy. The amount of fiber one consumes with one apple is always helpful. Not to mention, each serving only has 55 calories. So, get up, eat your fill, and get your mojo back.

Brussels Sprouts

Most kids don’t like Brussel sprouts on the menu by their taste is compensated furthermore with their nutritional value. A serving a cup only has 38 calories and can be eaten raw or cooked. The vegetable is simple, healthy, and also contains lots of vitamin C.

Cabbage: 0 Calorie Foods

Fabulous on all dishes and available readily in every supermarket. It is always available on salads because it’s fulfilling and only has 22 calories per serving. It also helps regulate blood flow and reduces cholesterol in the long run. Eat it with some hummus or zesty salad for lunch or snacks. 


Yellow, red, purple, white, and orange; take your pick. This vegetable is accessible and can be eaten in all shapes, forms, and also sizes. One cup of the vegetable only has 52 calories with a boost of vitamin C and D. Its crunchy, tasty and makes for a perfect snack at any time.

Celery: 0 Calorie Foods

You might have often been recommended by fitness gurus to eat more celery. That’s because it’s the ultimate zero calorie food that has tons of insoluble fiber. The fiber helps to digest food and has significant water content. One cup only has around 18 calories and tends to fill one up quickly.


Vitamins, fibers, iron, and lots of beneficial nutrition chard has it all and more. One serving unbelievably has only seven calories and comes in many forms to choose from. The vitamins in the vegetable reduce the possibilities of lousy blood clots.


This fruit may be eaten mostly in the US but is good enough to be on the list because of its amazing taste. It’s often called a mini orange and only has 35 calories per serving. The boost of vitamin C and nutrition will help you power through the day.

Cucumbers: 0 Calorie Foods

This refreshing vegetable is a no brainer. Cucumbers are super light, mostly made of water, and has a mild yet enticing flavor. Each cup comes with eight calories, so one can eat as much as they desire. While cucumbers are used in all kinds of salads and dishes, it can likewise be eaten raw.

Nature offers a lot of low-calorie foods that provide vitamins and likewise nutritional benefits. From zesty fruits to refreshing vegetables, go on take your pick.

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