Southern Cooking

Why Southern Cooking Is The Perfect Meal Choice

We like trying cuisines from other parts of the world we live in but do you have any idea which food is attracting people towards it nowadays? Well, the trend is shifting, and southern cuisine is getting more and more attention day by day. Most people claim that southern cooking is much fun, and they enjoy doing it. Today, we will discuss the reason why old southern recipes winning most of the lovers’ hearts.

old southern recipes

Meals and Variety: Southern Cooking

What we all look for in our daily meals is the variety in the dishes we eat. So, starting from luxurious the creamy baked item to green raw vegan recipes, there is a room for everyone in southern cuisine. Fried, boiled, roasted, toasted whatever you want to eat, you will get what you desire in this considerable menu. This cuisine makes use of okra, beans, and even dry fruits in the stews and soups that makes it worth trying and is tempting.

Transition in Southern Cooking:

One amazing thing is that you can enjoy many new versions of traditionally southern meals that evolved with the modern touch. The southern chefs and the food experts keep on reinventing the classic dishes, so this way, they let us taste the most ancient recipes in the most advanced way. By doing this, they keep their traditional taste alive and make the world taste their original food as well. For them, their food is more like religion, so the recipes depict their love and devotion to food.

Southern Food is Relatable:

The southern cuisine history is very diversified, and it has traveled so much that cooking many of the southern recipes remind you of some of the local dishes. This way, you can find this cuisine much relatable to yours with the small changes in recipe and ingredients. When many of the slaves started to migrate from the native land, they surely carried many local methods with them. Later on, these were opted by other cultures and lost their original form.

Rich Cooking Culture: Southern Cooking

The southern culture went through slavery for a very long time. Also, many of the slaves appointed to cook food for their masters. So, this contrast made their culture so much rich that you can find a recipe as simple to make with two ingredients. Or you can also find recipes as complex as it would not be wrong to call them the royal meals.

soul southern food

Preservation Techniques:

Due to the severe weather condition of the area, they opted various preservation techniques for many ingredients to use them later on. One of the most common tricks is preserving by frying. They also use to preserve meat in greens, thus creating a deadly combination of flavor and nutrition. Trying these recipes out, you will surely amaze as you get using the same ingredients from your kitchen.

People commonly term the southern food as the Soul food, but doing so does not justify this cuisine as it is much more than that. It is instead the food with a history of the struggle for food and survival.

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