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Healthy Mexican Food Ideas To Learn

Do you love healthy Mexican foods? Do you want to know about them? You can not deny that Mexican food is tasty. But it doesn’t mean you should start eating a lot of Mexican food as not every Mexican dish is healthy. If you don’t know which food to add in your daily diet, don’t worry as we bring you some healthy vegetarian Mexican dishes to try.

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Burrito Bowl With Chipotle Black Beans

The first Mexican food we have for you on the list is a Burrito bowl with chipotle black beans. It is a healthy burrito bowl full of greens and veggies, ideal for a filling dinner. The meal is a must-eat for vegetarians and tastes as good as it looks. This gluten free food is very straightforward to cook and can be prepared in less than half an hour. You can serve it with lime wedges, hot sauce, and coriander.

Easy Vegan Tacos: Healthy Mexican Food

Next up are tacos. They are perfect for your health as they are nutritious and have built-in portion control. You can keep calories on the check as these tacos are smaller than any other thing on the menu. So make this food from Mexican cuisine for a healthy weekend dinner for your friends and family. It is also effortless to make this dish and can be prepared with only a handful of ingredients.

Black Or Pinto Beans

Black or pinto beans are a healthy choice, whether as a side or in tacos. These beans are usually slow-cooked with spices, garlic, and onions. Scientific research has proven that pinto or black beans have more antioxidants than many vegetables and fruits. Antioxidants are disease-fighting substances that can help your body protect against diseases like cancer and many heart diseases.

Mexican Soup: Healthy Mexican Food

Many soups of Mexican cuisines are low in calories and high in nutrients. Look for one made in bouillon. Best bets are shrimp, black beans, and chicken tortilla soups. You can also go for pozole. Pozole is a stew with hominy (ground corn kernels), vegetables, and pork. You can be full as you won’t be required to eat at lunch after having a Mexican soup. Try a Mexican soup and see the results by yourself.

vegetarian mexican dishes

Ceviche: Healthy Mexican Food

Ceviche is made up of raw fresh fish in lemon and lime juice, cilantro, onion, and tomatoes. The acid cooks the fish meat, so you don’t need a lot of cooking oil. It is packed with proteins but low in calories. The seafood also provides heart-healthy omega-3 fats and calcium, an element essential for teeth and bones. Ceviche typically comes with fried corn tortillas or tostadas. Use only one or two tostadas to scoop up ceviche as there are about 60 calories in single tostadas.

In short, Mexican cuisine is full of healthy Mexican food. But some foods might not be suitable for your health, which is good to avoid them. Hence, for good and balanced health, cook any of the above mentioned healthy Mexican food and enjoy a bit of Mexican taste in your regular diet.

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