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mexican street food

Top 5 Most Sought After Mexican Street Food Treats

Have you ever tried Mexican street food? Don’t you love them? One of the best and famous countries for street food in the world is Mexico. Here, street food varies from one Mexican region to another. Depending on the destination, you can find various specialties, but some staples are found everywhere in the country. Here we have some Mexican street snacks for you, which you should sample whenever you go there.

mexican street food

Elotes: Mexican Street Food

Although most Mexican food is based upon corn, typically, they are made out of nixtamalized corn dough called masa. Tamales, tortillas, and many other foods are made out of it. But on the other hand, elotes are made with plain corn. You may expect the sweet corn, but not that one. These are cobs covered in lime juice, chili powder, mayonnaise, and crumbled queso fresco. They are served on a stick made of wood to handle the dish with ease.


What could be a better sweet and delicious treat than a deep-fried sweet dough sprinkled with sugar? Mexicans took churros readily, but they are brought from Spain. You will probably take them readily, too, just like everyone else there in Mexico. Stale churros can be disappointing and rubbery as opposed to the glory that a fresh churro is. So make sure you eat them when they are fresh.

Tostadas: Mexican Street Food

They are quite different from tacos because it has a crisp tortilla base that is either baked or fried and then loaded up with various toppings. Whereas in tacos, a soft and smooth tortilla has fillings inside is used. You can get tostadas with almost any sort of meat cheese combination, seafood, or maybe with just guacamole. And yes, don’t forget that salsa.

Sopes And Gorditas

Sope is a corn disk that is typically topped with cheese, beans, and some other ingredients and, of course, salsa as well. The corn disk is thicker than a regular tortilla. Gorditas are also corn disks, but they have an ingredient such as pork rind, beans, or cheese placed in the center of the masa before it is split opened like a pita to add some ingredients inside or it is grilled on the grill.

mexican food

Torta: Mexican Street Food

It is a Mexican type of sandwich made on a crusty bun known as bolillo. Be careful that you don’t call it a sandwich in Mexico because Mexicans make a sandwich from sliced bread. Usually, a torta will have mayonnaise on one side and bean paste on the other, then your requested fillings (usually meat) and slices of pickled jalapenos, avocado, and tomato. You can find different versions of a standard torta across the country. Some of them which you can eat are cemita, pambazos and torta ahogado.

In short, words, if you love street food, then you should surely go to Mexico and try its street food. There are many foods you can try, but some of the best Mexican street foods are mentioned above. You can find them at street stalls throughout the country, having a variety of toppings and fillings, which may vary from one region of the country to another.

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