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7 Japanese Desserts That Make For A Perfect Meal Ending

Who would not like to end his meal with a tasty dessert? You will find every corner of the world filled with the love for desserts but the Japanese take sweet dishes creation as art that tempt your eyes first. You can find many ready to eat Japanese desserts in the markets which will surely grab your attention and you cannot avoid buying them. Let us discuss some of the ideal tasty Japanese desserts that you must try.

Anmitsu: Japanese Desserts

If you want to refresh yourself on a hot summer day after a good meal Anmitsu is the best way to do so. Just like another Japanese cuisine, it’s a bowl with many add-ons. You will find cubes of agar, fresh fruits, nuts, and most important a big scoop of ice-cream with the caramel syrup. sometimes you will also find mochi in the bowl that is a sweet Japanese snack.

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This is the most common dessert in Japan whose texture changes with change in the season. Basically, these are the rice flour balls with a sweet white bean paste filling at the center. The shapes mostly depict blooming flowers, yellow sunny texture, and the colorful spring season. You can sometimes find even small sceneries carved on these desserts.

Higashi: Japanese Desserts

If you want a ready to eat dessert that has a very long shelf like you must try Higashi. These are the sweets created by molding sugar and soybean flour into fine classy shapes with no fresh ingredients. It is a custom in Japan to exchange these sweets on many ceremonies or to serve with tea.


Sweet anko mixture is the heart of all the desserts in Japan. Imagawayaki is one such delight with a cake sponge on the outer side originally filled with the same soft and smooth anko paste at the center. But nowadays you can find this cake with a variety of fillings including white beans, custard, cream cheese, and even fruits and berries.

Kinako Mochi: Japanese Desserts

Rice cakes are very much common in Japan and you can find them in all sizes ranging from snack size to giant cakes. Kinako mochi is one such rice delight that is a small snack size sticky rice cake. These small rice cakes are first cooked and then dipped in water and then covered with roasted soybean flour and sugar to avoid sticking. You can sometimes even get a black sugar syrup along with this dessert.


This is a dessert that makes use of the Kuzu Plant powder which is most commonly used as a thickening agent. This starchy powder is mixed in sweet rice water and allowed to settle in molds then served by dusting with roasted soybean powder and brown sugar.

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Taiyaki: Japanese Desserts

This is a common street food desert that you will find everywhere is Japan. It seems to be an ice cream cone with lots of stuffing. You can enjoy it in both sweet as well as savory flavors. First, they make a fish-shaped wrap with the pancake mix. Then add ice-cream, cheese, nuts, anko, sprinkles, and a lot of other toppings that make it look amazing.

So, try these amazing dishes and make your meal as fulfilling as never before. You can also have some of these desserts even as teatime snacks.

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