charcoal grilling tips

The Best Charcoal Grill: What To Look For

Without a doubt, food that is grilled over charcoal is tastier than their alternative versions that may be prepared over a gas grill. Although charcoal grilling is a bit difficult and slower, it is worthy of the taste it imparts on to the food. For weekend parties, the charcoal grill should be your number one choice. People who use gas grills are not familiar with charcoal grills and are new to them. It can be a little bit complicated for them to cook over it. But don’t worry and relax as we bring you some useful tips which will help you become a pro at charcoal grilling.

charcoal grilling tips

Indirect and direct heat: best charcoal grill

There is a considerable difference between indirect and direct heating of food. If you can properly learn it, then you can practice controlling the speed of cooking your food. You can place your meat over the coals; then, your food will cook very quickly as the temperature produced by the fuels depends on the amount of coals used for fire. They are placed at some distance from burning coals; then it will cook slower.

Wood improve food’s flavor

Wood helps to enhance the taste of your BBQ. The wood helps you to impart the unique character of smoke to your meal. If you want a barbecue of low temperature or a full smoky barbecue, then you would need wood to do so. Grilled items become much yummier with an extra smoky flavor. Chunks of dried wood better for barbecuing and smoking. These chunks of dried woods are added simply on top of coals for grilling purposes.

Chimney Starters: best charcoal grill

For cooking food on charcoal grills, chimney starters are required. Only a single sheet of paper or a newspaper and a match is needed, which can quickly burn a tremendous amount of charcoal briquettes. These charcoal briquettes become very hot in less than twenty minutes. As there is no requirement of lighter fluid; hence, chances of food to taste like kerosene or explosions are zero. Chimney starters are readily available in the market and the hardware stores.

charcoal grilling tips

The fire having two zones:

You are doing great on your journey to become a professional charcoal grill cook if you can master this charcoal grilling technique. You have to put some charcoal on one side of the charcoal grill, whereas leaving the other side empty. The empty side isn’t cool and is still very hot, but it will be less hot than the side where charcoals are placed. You can move stuff from the coal loaded side or direct side to the empty side or indirect heat side. It can help you to avoid overheating and overcooking of food.

Cooking Grate needs to be oiled and preheated.

The cooking grate should be adequately oiled, so that food which is to be grilled doesn’t stick to it. Preheating helps you to grill your food quicker and saves your meals from overcooking. Get ready to cook like a master for your friends and family!

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