basic apple crumble recipe

How To Make A Basic Apple Crumble Recipe

Are you interested in preparing some easy apple crumble? Are you looking for a basic apple crumble recipe? Apple crumble is a dessert that you can just select, prepare, and likewise love throughout the year. It is a very satisfying and cozy dessert, and as compared to a pie, it is a lot easier to assemble. Collect all the apples you have just bought from the farmers, wait for an hour, and also watch delicious apple crumble. The recipe which we have here is a basic, unique and moreover straightforward apple crumble goods recipe. It almost takes one hour to make it and is enough for four servings.

basic apple crumble recipe

Get These Things: Basic Apple Crumble Recipe

To make apple crumble, you will need:

For Crumble:

  • Cold butter (110g)
  • Plain flour (175g)
  • Golden caster sugar (110g)

For Fillings:

  • Golden caster sugar (2 tbsp.)
  • Three medium Bramley Apples (575 g, cored, peeled and also make 1 cm thick slices)

For Toppings:

  • Custard for serving
  • Rolled oats (1 tbsp.)
  • Demerara sugar (1 tbsp.)


You will start by heating your oven to 190 degrees C. Next add the Bramley apples in two tbsp of caster sugar. Take a baking dish 20 cm square dish and place them in it. In order to avoid a lot of crumble falling through, flatten them down with the help of hands. Next, take a bowl and also place 110 g golden caster sugar and 175g flour along with a delicate pinch of salt in it. Take 110 g cold butter and slice it down. Add it in the mixture and coat the rub well with your hands. Rub it until it gives moist breadcrumbs look. Then shake the bowl and see if any large pieces come on to the surface. Coat them in the mix as well.

Golden Brown: Basic Apple Crumble Recipe

Take the apples, place them in front of you, and put the prepared crumb mixture over them. Pour them in such a way that they form a pile in the center. After pouring, use a fork to even it out. To make sure crumble goes crispy and therefore holds together, press the surface with fork’s back very gently. For a decorative and smooth finish, lightly and also slowly drag the fork over their top. Take 1 tbsp and Demerara sugar and 1 tbsp. Rolled oats and sprinkle them evenly over the crumble. You can skip this part if you don’t like oats or demerara sugar.

Golden brown: basic apple crumble recipe

Baking Method:

Finally, set the whole thing on a baking tray and place them inside the preheated oven. Let it bake for about 40 minutes. Then check whether they have achieved their brownish color and top is of golden color. When you insert a small sharp knife in the apples, you will find them very soft and squishy. Leave them for about 10 to 20 minutes to cool before serving. Once they are cooled, serve them with either custard or with clotted cream or double cream depending on your choice. These servings are totally optional, and you can adjust the ingredients according to your needs. An important tip is that leave Bramley apples unpeeled if you want to have a more rustic effect.

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