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Basic Bakery Pastries That Everyone Still Loves

Are you new to baked goods? Do you know how many bakery essentials are there? Let’s be honest; the dough is tough to make, but it’s worth a try. Isn’t it? For a pastry lover, it most definitely is as it moreover requires some basic bakery skills. If you love sweets, then cookies, cupcakes, gelato, cakes, and ice creams will be your favorite desserts. All of them have a special place in your heart, but only pastry is a dessert that hits the sweet spot and satisfies you. If you go to the basics, you can divide pastries into five types. Those are

Puff Pastry: basic bakery
Puff Pastry: basic bakery

Puff Pastry: Basic Bakery

A fellow French man first baked puff pastry by the named Claudius Gele. It is a soft and flaky pastry. The specialty of this is pastry is that a significant number of layers of dough and also butter are trapped together. When you put them in the oven, it becomes golden brownish crispy. Moreover, these layers are paper-thin. More the number of layers, more it will become crispy and likewise puff. Puff pastry is a pastry that makes things look like a special event or an occasion.

Choux Pastry:

This next French pastry is truly a delicacy. It resembles tiny cabbages, and hence that’s why its name in French is pate a choux meaning cabbage paste. It puffs up with small ruffles and likewise crinkles after being baked. Some bakers find it challenging to bake, but it is not that difficult after all. Not surprisingly, it is straightforward for French bakers to make one. If you can learn how to make a choux pastry, then you can easily make other various pastry recipes with ease.

Shortcrust Pastry: Basic Bakery

The shortcrust pastry was invented in the 18th century in Venice. One of the best delicacies of all is this humble pastry. It is not overabundant, not fashionable, and not clever. All the things which you can imagine in a correctly home-baked pastry are included in this delicacy. Melting crust having every necessary flavor of wheat, a light crisp. You name it, and it has it. One can make it by adding simple ingredients, which are water, flour, and fat. But you can add other ingredients and fillings to create a well-made pastry. Such a perfectly baked pastry also gives a unique “melt in the mouth” feeling.

Flaky Pastry

A flaky pastry is a very light, wafer-thin, and crispy pastry. It is so crispy that the flaky base tends to melt in your mouth whenever you eat it. It is eaten just like a whisper. A home baked flaky pastry utilizes pure butter, so it gives a special and unique texture and flavor. It does not require a lot of baking skills and a lot of time to make one. It is quite similar to puff pastry.

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Filo Pastry: basic bakery

Filo Pastry: basic bakery

It is also called as phyllo pastry. It is very satisfying to master baking a filo pastry. You need to dedicate some time and need to have some patients while working on it because it is a very delicate pastry. Try these amazing pastries and be ready to be surprised!

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