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BBQ Techniques That Will Make You Look Like A Chef

Summer is around the corner, and BBQ is a must. It is delicious, a crowd-pleaser, succulent, and simply amazing. Having BBQ parties are fun and a great way to get together with friends and family for some quality time. To make an ideal meal, you need these BBQ techniques that will make you look like a chef.

Use Wood: BBQ techniques

Mother nature has provided us with great utensils to make a tasty BBQ. To start off, you require coals, right? Not so fast, it is not well known, but natural wood adds a great flavor profile to your food. It’s easy to gather some from around you and is better for health. It has fewer impurities than coal, which is better for children as well.

Do not check temperature repeatedly:

When it comes to BBQ, it’s all about letting the meat cook on low flame till it’s done. People keep on checking the temperature again and again, which furthermore results in dry meat. Its recommended by experts that you should only check it one in half an hour. Don’t open the cooker for the first 2-3 hours as the moment you lift the lid, it starts to cool. After a few hours start saucing the meat or likewise checking it after an interval. Cook it good and slow.

Let it rest: BBQ techniques

Once you have waited patiently for the meat to cook for hours, one needs to wait a bit more. Letting the meat rest appropriately after cooking is crucial. Resting the meat keeps the juice in and reduces the chance of it drying out. People also make a mistake of cutting into the meat and then letting it rest. That’s a big no! Wait for 10 minutes before digging in.

Use aluminum foil:

Cleaning up after a gathering is hard and especially the grill with all its sticky juices. Well, there is a perfect solution to this messy problem. Start by lining the bottom of your cooker with aluminum foil. Line with a couple of sheets to give it volume. It also helps keep the juices away and also accumulates the ash.

Cleanliness: BBQ techniques

If your new to cooking up a BBQ, then this one is for you. There are many things beginners require like a long-lasting fire; there is one that’s not commonly advised. It is essential to keep your utensils and equipment clean. If your grill hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, make sure to clean it properly before starting.

Tip to avoid burning:

If you are making kebabs to help improve the process, one needs to soak the wooden skewers in water thirty minutes before cooking. It keeps them from burning and hence is terrible to the meat. You can also sock them and freeze for some time before using them.

Air circulation:

The meat needs to breathe as you cook. That’s a fact, make sure not to leave the meat touching the sides of the cooker. Also, it’s not wise to keep meat touching each other as this reduces the airflow. Select a range that has a wide enough tray and also circulation. These tips will keep your part up and running with delicious BBQ.

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