Best vegan meals

The Best Vegan Meals For Your Weekly Food Plan

Isn’t that difficult to choose a vegan diet plan for yourself that you can easily follow? Well, of course, it is but not if you find one with interesting and tempting meals. Here we have brought a list of best vegan meals that you can make a part of your weekly plans to likewise stay on track with devotion.

Breakfast: Best Vegan Meals

You need a lot of energy to start your day; therefore, breakfast must be refreshing and energetic. The following Breakfast ideas are perfect for boosting your energy:

Breakfast: Best vegan meals

Vegan Yogurt With Berries And Nuts:

The vegan yogurt usually comes from the soy or coconut, and there is no better option than starting your day with the refreshing berries and this full of energy yogurt.

Whole grain bread with avocado and nutritional yeast: Start your day with carbs with this tasty breakfast. Mashed avocado with yeast in better than any creamy topping.

Potato Pancakes With Vegan Sour Cream:

Don’t want to start your morning with some sweet recipe well try out making potato pancakes also with sour cream topping.

Bagels With Peanut Butter and Banana Topping

Are you looking for a fulfilling breakfast? Well, take your bagel bread, layer them with peanut butter and also top with the banana slices. Garnish with honey or chocolate sauce.

Oatmeal with Fresh Fruits or Berries

Can you think of anything more energetic than the oatmeal? Of course, it’s a powerhouse of energy, but it lags taste so can add taste t it by adding fresh fruits nuts and berries.

Apart from these, you can also start your day with a vegetable smoothie.

Lunch Meals: Best Vegan Meals

Turning vegan doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your favorite recipes now. You surely can just by altering the non-vegan ingredients with the vegan one.

Black Bean Veggie Burger:

Replace the meat petty in your burger with the boiled black bean petty and moreover enjoy the same taste keeping all the other ingredients the same except for the non-vegan ones.

Mac and Cheese:

Everyone loves mac and cheese pasta, and you can also veganize it with the help of vegan cheese. So, enjoy, you can add it to your weekly vegan meal as there will not be a tremendous change in taste as well.

Chickpea Sandwich:

Chickpea is a whole package containing fats, protein, and carbs. So why not try the chickpea sandwich. Prepare into a paste by mashing the boiled chickpeas or add them to avocado paste and stuff your sandwich with this delicious filling.

Slow Cooker Chili Curry:

There are many ways of making slow cooker curry, and most of them use chicken as a primary ingredient. You can make it vegan by replacing the chicken with boiled red bean in your favorite slow cooker recipe.

Dinner Meals: Best Vegan Meals

Vegan dinners mostly comprise of stews, curries, soups, and salads. But you are not bound to do so.

Vegan Cob salad

Vegan Cob salad:

Cob salad is a tasty and very nutritious mix of vegetables, cheese, and meat. But you can skip the meat and replace it with tofu to add this fantastic dish to your vegan dinner menu.

Tomato Basil Pizza:

Getting vegan does not mean you cannot have pizza now. But what you have to do is find alternate ingredients for that matter tomato basil pizza is the best. Many shops nowadays are also serving veg pizzas.

Black Eye Beans Stew:

This is again a very tasty and easy to cook stew. You can bake as well as prepare them and add vegan cheese at the stew topping to serve with bread.

Sweet and Spicy Tofu Curry

It is an amazingly tasty dish with finely cut cubes of tofu, cooked in curry paste with ginger garlic paste, jaggery, and spices. You can take it with bread, but it is best to go with pasta or rice.

So, add these and many other tasty vegan recipes to your vegan diet plan. Along with these meals, you can also take 2-3 snacks a day.

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