Brick Bbq-How To Build At Home?

Brick Bbq-How To Build At Home?

Nothing is better than cooking a barbeque at your home to enjoy some quality time with your family or friends. You can buy a grill from the market as there are plenty of options available and set it up in your homes outdoors. But it will be best to build your own brick bbq in the home because of its lots of benefits. Firstly, you can quickly get the material (brick pieces) and can easily clean the grill rack. Secondly, you can give the desirable size and shape to grill according to your requirements. Apart from that, there are numerous reasons to build your own bbq grill. So, after knowing that if you want to build your own grill, just keep reading! Here we discuss some simple steps to prepare brick bbq.

Brick Bbq-How To Build At Home?

Brick Bbq-How To Build At Home?

Fill The Concrete Slab:

Firstly, you need to use grill grates to determine the placement and size of the grill. If you want a thicker wall of your grill, then you have to make only once the course of bricks. Moreover, outline the area and clear away the debris and grass from the place. After outlining the area, make a dig and use a tamper to compact as well as level the ground.

As per the directions of manufacturers, mix cement and fill on top of gravel until it’s filled to the bottom of the gravel. Then, use a trowel to level and smooth the cement pad.

Dry-fit The Bricks:

Set the first line of bricks and then apply the mortar in it. Don’t forget to leave a half-inch gap between each brick.

Brick Bbq-How To Build At Home?

Brick Bbq-How To Build At Home?

Place The First Line:

Lay the first line of bricks appropriately and then put a layer of mortar. While applying mortar, one thing to keep in mind is never to apply mortar in a huge quantity.

Place The Next Two Courses:

placing the next two lines of bricks on the rear and outside walls. It is because you have to leave some area open at the front for access to ash, charcoal, and grill. After placing the next two courses, apply mortar on the top.

Finish The Barbeque:

Before the mortar has dried, use a jointer to make the familiar concave stress in the mortar. Once the cement is completely dried, use a scraper to scrape off the remaining parts of the cannon.

These are the easy and effective steps to build your own bbq. So follow these steps and enjoy delicious and crispy BBQ at home.

Grill Brick The Ultimate Cleaning Device:



Cleaning a brick BBQ is quite difficult to clean as barbeque sticks on grills. So, for easy cleaning, you can use grill brick as it is a cleaning device and free from all the chemicals and toxic substances. Moreover, the block absorbs all the gunk and pungent smell.


It is advantageous to build a brick bbq at home as it allows you to cook bbq for a longer time than other portable tools. Along with this, natural heat enhances the taste of your BBQ and makes it crispier and softer. Moreover, it is very inexpensive to build, so you do not need to spend a huge amount of money on expensive portable tools.

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