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Camping BBQ Ideas For A Delicious Outdoor Meal

When you are on a hiking trip or camping outdoors for fun, is it almost impossible to carry the whole kitchen with you? Does this make it hard to get tasty and fresh food during your trip? Moreover, if you take little but smart ingredients with you can still make camping BBQ out of least items. We are here to help you find cooking recipes for campers that you can try next time. These outdoor cooking advice recipes for campers will surely take your camping experience to the next level:

camping bbq

Grilled BBQ Chicken With Vegetables:

Grilling out the chicken for your camping is always a good idea and an easy one also. But putting in a bit of extra effort you can make your meal just like you are at home. You can grill your favorite veggies like potatoes wedges, tomatoes, beans, and even mushrooms to get a full meal. Or you can also pack all of them together with the chicken in aluminum foil and set them on the grill to get the mixed favor.

Foil Pack Pasta: Camping BBQ

You can easily make all-time favorite Mac and Cheese pasta while camping. But if you add grilled vegetables with grilled meat or bacons to it. You will be wondering what you have cooked. You can also add bread chunks to this pasta to make it more fulfilling.

Pan Bean Meal:

Feeling tired after a tough day and don’t want to make much effort. So, take the can of our bean and put them in the pan on the grill or stove now add grilled sausages also meat chunks to it and sprinkle with cheese. Enjoy your tasty meal, and regain your energy.

Egg And Sausage Taquitos:

Got a big day ahead to hike or are traveling to reach your favorite place. Also, feeling hungry but don’t have much time to go for lengthy meal preparation. Well, don’t you need to worry, just set the pan on the hot grill. Beat a few eggs and put them on the pan. After they are half tender roll Sausages in them to get energetic and on the go breakfast wraps.

Pizza On The Go:

Carrying frozen bread dough with you or making it on the go, you can experiment with a lot of recipes while camping. Using your BBQ leftover sausages or chicken, you can make a delicious grill pizza or Pizza pockets. So, pack a bit of pizza sauce, meat chunks, and likewise lots of cheese in your dough. Either grill it on low heat or cover n a foil to put it in the coal ash. Both ways, you are going to taste the never forgetting pizza.

cooking recipes for campers
cooking recipes for campers

Bacon and Cheese Grilled Potatoes:

Potatoes are a rich source of carbs and moreover are an excellent source of instant energy. Adding them to your camping meal, you can get a backup of energy to do the tough chores. You can also make them even better by grilling them in the Coal ash. Afterward, put small cuts in them and place pieces of cheese in between these cuts and put it to grill or make potato boats out of them. Now feast on the delicious dish along with the grilled bacon.

While packing for camping BBQ choose food items that you can use in more than one recipe to have a variety of meals during your outdoor stay.

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