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Fusion Sushi Recipes You Will Want To Try Out

Are you a secret sushi recipes enthusiast that loves its uniqueness, taste, and visual appeal? If you are, then you must know that it comes in lots of forms, (the most famous ones being) Maki, uramaki and sashimi. Specific fusion sushi recipes are also worth trying and amusing people around the world with their unique taste. Today we are going to discuss some of these Japanese fusion recipes that you must try out. Some of these are a blend of local cuisine while others opt internationally while experimenting with sushi with their local food.

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fusion sushi

Chirashizushi: fusion sushi

Unlike the standard sushi serving style, Chirashizushi comes in the scattered form. You will find a big bowl of boil rice pressed and topped with a number of ingredients including cucumber, scrambled egg, raw salmon pieces, and fried or boiled prawns. It usually looks like a rice bowl topped with the seafood that we use in sushi recipes. This dish is the fusion of sushi and Kais Endon, which is a Japanese fusion rice dish. So, we can also call it a full meal of a sushi platter.

Tempura Sushi Rolls:

Tempura is a technique of frying meat or vegetable in a special batter. This batter is a mixture of three essential ingredients that are flour, egg, and water. The love of people for eating deep-fried crispy sushi invented this dish, and it is trendy nowadays. You can dip any sushi rolls of your choice in the batter and fry it until it turns golden brown. So, if you are not a fan of raw sushi, you can now enjoy these sushi fritters to treat your taste buds.

Inari-Zushi: fusion sushi

It is one of the most untraditional types of sushi in the Inari-Zushi. Unlike traditional sushi, you will not find any raw or cooked fish in it. Instead, you can call term it as a sweet tea time sweet fritters. It is basically a delicious snack that is just like sushi, but instead of fish, they pack tofu in the sushi rice. You can also add mushrooms and prawns along with tofu in these snacks. Like sushi, you will also get a soya sauce dip along with Inari-zushi to get a juicy, sweet, and sour taste.

Bulgogi Rolls:

Some of the Korean food lovers opted for the Japanese sushi technique in their local food making. They took the concept of wrapping beef, some pickled salad, and cheese in the seaweed and rice wraps. Also, these are in the shape of large handy rolls instead of small chunks. So locally termed as Kimbap is an excellent combination of Japanese cover and Korean BBQ filling.

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Sushi Burrito: fusion sushi

Sushi Burrito: fusion sushi

If you want to see the best fusion of sushi with other cultural foods, you need to try the sushi burritos. Of course, this doesn’t seem a perfect idea to pack your sushi in the burrito wraps. But trust me if you try this dish you are going to love it. Keeping inside the traditional sushi filling of fish, veggies, and rice, you need to replace the seaweed wraps with the Mexican burrito wraps.

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