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How To Grill A Burger In The Perfect Manner

You must have tried many burger mixes, but do you feel that something is always lacking and are far from the taste you expect? No, it’s not the ingredients but a few tricks that must grill a burger to perfection. So, let’s have a look at some of these to make the restaurant-style burger for the next time.

Type of Grill You Should Use:

Depending on your taste buds, you can choose the type of grill you should be using. If you like the smoky flavor in your burger, then go for the charcoal grill. But you don’t like it you can use the gas grill by using these grilling tips.

grilling tips
grilling tips

Meat to be used: Grill a Burger

Firstly, the type of meat that you use in making burger mixes matters a lot. For making a burger with a juicy texture, you need to opt the meat with a relatively high fat to meat ratio. If you are using white meat, you better prefer the thigh cuts, and if using red meat, it must have 80/20 meat to fat ratio. Also, chill the meat before you out it to grill; this will lock most of the moisture inside the steak.

Make It A Perfect Fit:

Don’t let the filling of your burger stray. If you are using a petty for making the burger, it must be precisely the size of the bun, and the same is the case for steaks. The filling also should not be too small to fit in the burger. Make sure that all the filling should stay intact.

Don’t Press: Grill A Burger

Whatever meat we grill to add to the burger, it is a regular practice to press the meat or petty, which is a totally wrong way to grill the meat. Pressing the meat while grilling helps the fats and moisture to escape the meat leaving a thick and dry patty or steak behind. Instead, you must cook it by flipping every 3 minutes until its tender.

Make You Bun Handy:

What is better than a full-size burger with lots of filling? But you need to be a bit careful while filing the burger as it should you should enjoy each layer in every bite. For doing so, you need to:

  • Grill your buns by greasing it with butter and slightly pressing it to get crisp and decrease the volume.
  • Grill your vegetables to decrease the volume and enhanced taste.
  • Don’t add too many sauces.
Let it rest for a while: Grill a burger
Let it rest for a while: Grill a burger

Let It Rest For A While: Grill A Burger

Don’t serve the burger right after you remove it from the grill; rather, let it rest for a few minutes on the counter. By doing so, you will make the filling’s juices and sauces redistribute to get a smooth taste in every bite.

Some additional tips that might help you are:

  • Avoid using salt in steaks as it drains out the moisture.
  • Cook on medium to the high flame to get a crispy crust and juicy steak.
  • Add cheese to our petty or steak on the grill just before removing it.
  • Don’t stuff too many salads, pickles, and addons as it would ruin the texture.

Next time, experiment with your favorite burger by keeping these little but beneficial grilling tips in mind and the results are surely going to amaze you.

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