grilled fruit

Grilled Fruit Tips You Need To Keep In Mind

Do you always wonder why you don’t get the same taste of grilled fruit at home that you get at restaurants? No, it’s not some additional add-ons, spices, or herbs, but you overlook certain tricks while grilling fruit platter at home. So, let us help you out so that you grill your fruits like a pro next time.

What And How To Grill?

This is the most critical question when you want to have grilled fruit appetizers. Roughly speaking, you can grill any fruit, but the manner of grilling may vary slightly. Even you have to take care of the cutting pattern of fruits for grilling like:

grilled fruit appetizers
grilled fruit appetizers
  • Skew small fruits like grapes and berries for grilling
  • Cut medium fruits into halves like avocado, peaches, bananas, and apples.
  • Make wedges of more abundant fruits like watermelons, melons, or pineapples.

Marinating or Glazing: Grilled Fruit

The taste you get at the end depends a lot on the type of glaze or marinade you are using. You can have:

  • Maple syrup or honey glazing for sweet taste
  • Chili powder or paprika for the spicy flavor
  • Lemon or citrus juice for a sweet and sour blend
  • Sprinkle with nutmeg, cinnamon or allspice for a blend of flavors

You can also try out herbs sprinkle on your grilled fruits for an additional aroma. Also, add sugary glazes at the end of the grilling process.

Selection of Fruits:

For grilling purposes, you have to pick the perfectly ripe fruit. Don’t go for grilling over-ripe or under-ripe fruit. An overripe fruit may lose its shape, and an under-ripe fruit may become extra crunchy due to a lesser amount of juice.

Whether You Need To Oil It Or Not? Grilled Fruit

Although oiling the fruit avoids them to stick on the hot grill. But it is not necessary to oil them if you have to add them to any desserts. Also, try to oil them with tasteless oils like olive oil or extra virgin oil to preserve the taste of the fruit that too in a minimal amount. The oil must not be dripping out of your grilled fruits, so just lightly brush them with oil.

grilled fruit platter
grilled fruit

Grill Flame:

Fruit grilling involves a lot of stick, but you can grill them at high flames to avoid it. But be extra careful and not let the fire destroy the texture and taste of the fruit. Don’t overcook and flip intervalley. You can also add smoky taste to your fruits without grilling them just by keeping them on the grill’s cold area.

Best Tip For Grilled Fruit

If you soak the fruits in chilled water and 1-2 tsp of lemon juice half an hour before grilling them, you will experience an extra juicy texture. This process will lock most of the moisture inside, and you are going to get additional water content in your grilled fruit. 

Although you have to grill your fruits directly for extra juicy fruits, you can grill them by keeping them in aluminum foil to preserve the dessert’s juices.

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