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International Dishes That Are Worth Trying To Recreate

Do you want to recreate some international dishes? Do you want to bring cultural touch and taste to your kitchen? Whenever you go for trips, you must have gone through some mouthwatering ethnic dishes and street food. To recapture the traveler’s spirit, the best way is by recreating the dishes you have tried during your trips. It can be cooked food, baked food, grilled food, moreover fried food. You can also try a dish from the part of the world you have not traveled by getting its recipe from a cookbook or the internet. If you are not sure what international dishes are worth recreating, also check our international dishes list. Try these dishes and let the taste buds of your friends and likewise families to set sail on an exciting culinary journey across the world. These dishes are unique in their aspects and are not ones to be missed!

Potato Tahdig: International dishes
Potato Tahdig: International dishes

Potato Tahdig: International Dishes

A Potato tahdig is a typical Persian dish that is very famous in Iran. It is caramelized and also crispy rice layers which are present at the bottom of the rice pot. It also has goldish brown potato slices that are soft on one side and are crispy on the other side. The addition of potatoes results in a higher carb-filled goodness dish. To make Potato Tahdig, all you need is saffron, basmati rice, salt, russet potatoes, and vegetable oil.


Kebabs have originated from Turkey and has a quite long heritage. There is a massive variety of Kebabs, from doner and also famous shish to specialties of regions like testi and Adana. Various meats are used in it as the taste evolved, but traditionally, lamb meat is used the most. People used to make kebabs of spiced beef, chicken, fish, and even pork. Roasting and grilling of meat are involved in cooking this dish. Usually, meat is first marinated, and then its chunks are placed on skewers. Then these skewers are set on fire to roast and grill the marinated meat.

Seafood Paella: International Dishes

Imagine sitting near a beach where the tablecloth is whipped around your legs by a warm breeze, your feet are just being lapped by seawater, and then a steamy pan of hot paella is placed on the table. Immediately, you will be sent to vacation mode when you will eat this Valencian dish having cuttlefish, shrimp, mussels, and lobster mixed with salt, white rice, oil, and different herbs. If you had it in Spain, after eating it at your home, it feels like you are in Spain.

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A Pierogi is synonymous with Poland’s international cuisine, but there are many pierogi variants, which are very famous across Belarus, Russia, Georgia, and Ukraine. A savory and sweet variety of fillings are wrapped around in a rolled thin dough and then are boiled if soft or pan-fried if spicy and savory. They are usually served as dessert, snack, or first course. Most widely known sweet filling varieties have sugar, bilberries, or sweet curd cheese. Whereas sauerkraut or an onion and meat mix is used as a savory filling.

These simple cultural pearls of goodness are one of a kind, delicious and furthermore worth many tries!

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