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Is A 5 Day Water Fast A Good Diet Method?

Are you interested in a 5-day water diet? Do you know how it works? People have been practicing this water fasting tips for quite some time now. It is becoming a lot more famous day by day among the people. Although it is a hard task to perform, it has numerous health benefits. If you want to know more about it, go through the following information to see whether you can get any sort of water fasting results.

water fasting tips

You, Will, Feel Hungry: 5 Day Water Fast

If you think that you will feel hungry a lot during the fast, you are absolutely right. Unfortunately, your hunger hormone levels cannot be lowered even by an alternate day or regular intermittent fasting. On fasting days, you will feel hungry regularly; that is why you require water fasting tips. Women have high levels of these hunger hormones, so women are likely to experience high hunger sensations.

Tip To Overcome It

You can overcome your hunger by keeping a busy schedule, especially on the first and second day of your 5-day fast and keep plenty of flavorful energy drinks around you. They can be any drink such as coffee, flavored water, or tea. Utilize them when food cravings strike you hard. Try mindful breathing for some time if you feel starving. In this way, you will bring your focus to non-judgmentally observe your sensations of hunger without acting on them.

Benefits Of 5 Day Water Fast

It helps you lose weight because you won’t be eating food, and hence no calories will go in your body. Yes, some calories through drinks will go in your body, but those will be used by the activities you will do during your day. So, in this way, you will rapidly lose those extra kilos of yours.

It also may help you to lower your blood pressure. So it is beneficial for you if you suffer from high blood pressure. Keep following your medication and, additionally, observe this 5-day fast as well, and clearly, you will feel the difference of your blood pressure being lowered down to healthy levels.

Autophagy Method:

Good news? The diet promotes autophagy as well. Autophagy is a process in which the cell’s old parts are broken down and recycled. This process also protects against deadly diseases such as heart diseases, cancers, and Alzheimer’s.  However, some more research is required to find a strong linkage between autophagy and 5-day water fast. But there are chances that it is true because these results are based on experiments conducted.

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Negative Effects: 5 Day Water Fast

You may lose extra weight than the required amount because it causes rapid weight loss. You may lose more muscle mass so, you have to be careful with it. One may also feel dehydrated by following the fast. Yes, it may sound weird, but some water comes from the meals as well, which you take on a daily diet. So, by restricting yourself to drinks only and skipping those meals, you will be skipping that small but necessary water percentage, which may cause dehydration.

In short, 5-day water fast is a proper diet to follow but is not recommended for everyone. It is quite hard and risky water fasting results. So make sure you have gone through its pros and cons before deciding to select it.

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