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Choose Your Korean BBQ Meat Well For Large Events

What would be a better option than arranging a grill party for an event in the summer? And if you want to arrange a BBQ worth remembering, you must call for a Korean BBQ get together. As they have a unique taste for BBQ and have a vast variety of Korean BBQ meat list that accounts for different types of BBQ. Let’s discuss these meat types and cuts in detail to select the one you find worth trying for your event.

 Korean BBQ for Large Events:

Although you can find all kinds of Meat in Korean cuisine but, their beef and Pork BBQs are most famous for large gatherings.

korean bbq meat cuts
Korean bbq meat cuts

Beef BBQs:

There are five significant beef cuts that are suitable for arranging BBQ at large scale; these are:

Kalbisal: These are the most popular Beef rib BBQs cuts that are light on pocket and rich in flavor. You don’t have to marinate them but grill them just by adding salt and a bit of pepper. 

Chadolbagi: Korean BBQ Meat

These are the marbled brisket thin slices that get tender as soon as you put them on the grill and served with mushroom. So, people don’t have to wait a lot to taste them.

Deungsim: These are the sirloin cuts for steak that are slightly larger meat pieces and require more time to get tender. But to get the deliciously juicy steak, the wait worth it.


This meat cut is the inner part of the beef tenderloin that is perfect for the grill. These are the thinnest beef steak cuts that take less time to get tender.

KKotdeungsim: These are again the sirloin cuts but with more floral fat marble patterns that make them extra juicy and more abundant in flavor.

Pork BBQs: Korean BBQ Meat

The famous pork cuts for the Korean BBQ are:

Ogyepsal Cuts: Among the Korean BBQ pork belly steaks are the most delicious ones. It is further divided into three types depending upon the fat layer. The more the thick layers, the richer is the taste.

Deajikalbi: These are the pork ribs and very famous like beef ribs. But the grilling technique varies slightly as you have to marinate them prior to grilling, unlike beef ribs.

Kalmaegisal: Korean BBQ Meat

These are the thin skirt meat strips that do not get chewy on grilling. These have a less porky flavor, and you can serve them with boiled potatoes or rice.

Kalmaegisal: Korean BBQ meat

Bulgogi or Galbi: These are the short ribs that you can grill to serve with a sweet and spicy side sauce. This cut is commonly favored for both beef as well as pork BBQ.

Maksol And Hanjeongsal:

These two are the pork neck meat cuts. Moksal is the pork neck meat cut into small bite-size pieces for grilling. In comparison, Hanjeosal is thin strips cut from the front neck with a slightly chewy texture when tender.

Knowing about these meat types and cuts might help you decide the menu for your large Korean BBQ party. You just have to take care of the cooking time that is different for every meat type or cut.

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