Lazy Keto Diet Food Ideas You Will Love

Lazy Keto Diet Food Ideas You Will Love

Are you Overweight as well as wish to lose some extra pounds? Are you lazy? Here’s to the bunch of laidback souls who want to lose weight without any efforts. Yes, you heard me right. Presenting to you the lazy keto diet food ideas, you will love.

While ketogenic or keto diet is high fat- a low carbohydrate diet plan that helps you lose weight showing signs of improvements in your health; lazy keto diet is similar but with an easy flow in the diet discipline.

This form of diet meticulously calculates your daily consumption of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, as well as calories. Following the diet helps your body to attain a metabolic state called ketosis in which the body mostly burns fat.

Below mentioned is a lazy keto food guide that is going to make dieting easy for you. All you have to monitor is your carb intake. So, let’s get going!

The Lazy Keto Food Guide          

Lazy Keto Diet Food Ideas You Will Love
Lazy Keto Diet Food Ideas You Will Love


When following a lazy keto diet, a very low carb format of the food system is encouraged. Therefore, irrespective of the protein or fat intake, all that matters is a low intake of carbs. Take a look at what to eat and what to not eat while on a lazy keto diet.

What To Eat?

  • Poultry, meat, as well as egg.
  • Shellfishes and fishes.
  • Seeds and nuts.
  • Dairy products that are high on fat.
  • Vegetables as well as green leaves low on carbs.
  • Healthy oils.
  • Beverages that are unsweetened or low on sugar.
  • Fruits that are good for detoxification like berries.

What Not To Eat While On A Lazy Keto?

  • Grains as well as its products.
  • Starchy vegetables.
  • Lentils, all types of beans, chickpeas, as well as soybeans.
  • Fruits like bananas, oranges, and mostly all the other fruits.
  • Sugary foods as well as drinks.
  • Some dairy products like milk, yogurt, etc.

Taste Bud Calling

Even when on a diet, the taste is one factor where none of us wish to compromise. Also, there is a huge list of such mouth-watering snacks that need only minimal efforts to cook. It’s still a lot better for lazy people- highly motivated on taste rather than exercising.

  • Pork chops
  • Bacon as well as eggs
  • Bunless cheeseburgers
  • Asparagus sprinkled scrambled eggs
  • Buttered cauliflower rice with shrimps
  • Mushroom soup
  • Pork rind nachos

If you still feel lazy enough, you can simply grab some nuts, berries, veggies, beef jerkies, dark chocolate stuff, and keep munching. You can also opt for certain store-bought snacks like cheese, sugarfree beef jerkies, radish cucumber, salted nuts, etc. that are low on carbs.

Lazy Keto Diet Food Ideas You Will Love
Lazy Keto Diet Food Ideas You Will Love

ConclusionIn conclusion, Lazy keto diet is like introducing yourself to a balanced food habit even with a relaxed discipline .it helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The metabolism process helps you lose weight by burning up the also helps you fight several neurological disorders like Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, Polycystic ovary syndrome, Brain injuries, and Heart disease.

Although supplements aren’t necessary, yet some supplements like whey, caffeine, creatine, and minerals help in the metabolism process. It is highly advisable to consult a nutritionist or dietician while on a diet for various health reasons.

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