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Plant Based Protein Foods You Can Use For A Vegan Dish

Are you following a protein-based diet and looking for ways to improve your health? Try these plant based protein foods that you can use for an ideal vegan dish. This plant based diet will help to keep your energy levels on the high and have a good long life.

Lentils: Plant Based Protein Foods

The first on the line is lentils which are popular among all kinds of people. The source can be used in all kinds of dishes to make something fulfilling. They are also known as an energy booster, as half of the cup has around 9 grams of proteins and lots of healthy fibers. The best way to use them is by making lentil patties and storing for later.

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Say hi to the jewel proteins of the vegetable factory. The best part? It resembles and tastes like real wheat, which makes it easy to substitute in our lives. It has 25 grams of protein per hundred grams and is versatile enough to use on different dishes. For maximum health, you can grill it with a light brush of oil or butter.

Tofu: Plant Based Protein Foods

Tofu is already used in a number of meals because of its chewy, soft, and light texture. The consistency is enough to keep any dish exciting and is one of the best protein sources. The main attraction is its rich, creamy taste that enhances every bite. Apart from all types of vitamins and minerals, tofu has about 20 grams in every 100 grams.


We all love a spicy, fresh chaat or a gooey soft chickpea curry; this one is a must-have. The chickpeas have 15 grams of protein per serving along with lots of fiber, strengthening iron and potassium. Consume, and you will feel full in no time. They also allow you to control and regular heart and reduces blood pressure. Moreover, if you are trying to lose weight, chickpeas are ideal.

Peas: Plant Based Protein Foods

So, have you ever heard of the quote: when you eat your peas, you can eat what you please? It’s because peas are suitable for your body no matter what diet your following. It has numerous amounts of fiber and fibers, with each cup having eight grams of proteins. Peas also have amino acids that promote metabolism, making them a win-win food source.


If you are in search of a source that is low in calories and is also tasty, then artichokes are the way to go. Each half a cup has only four grams of proteins, and yes, it can be incorporated in all kinds of meals. They help regular heart rate, proper metabolism, and strengthens muscles with all that extra fiber.

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Pumpkin Seeds: Plant-Based Protein Foods

These seeds may not be that popular but will keep your fitness in the long run. With 32 grams per cup, these seeds can easily be consumed regularly. The crunchiness adds an excellent texture, and the bonus vitamins are good for you. Use them in desserts or while baking some yummy vegan bread in the comfort of your home.

Unlike the regular opinion, a vegan diet can be full of versatile deliciousness and authentic meals. Use these natural food sources and have a great time making yummy meals.

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