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Give The Perfect Shape To Your Pancakes With The Pancake Shaper

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Free Shipping Worldwide

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  1. Features
    • Stainless steel
    • Multiple shapes
    • Pivot holder
  1. Size – 10 × 10 cm

Colour– silver

Height– 1.5 cm

Shape– Flower, Heart, Circle, Star

  1. Delivery and Package

One × Mould, Delivered in 21 – 40 days.

Pancake Shaper For Delicious Pancakes

As delicious as they taste, pancakes are also one of the quickest fix breakfasts that you can make. The process, as well as the recipe, is hassle-free, and you can make these yourself even if you are not a good cook at all. But well, the same circular shape of the pancakes can get boring at times, and you need something to make it look fascinating and new. This is exactly what this product does. The pancake shaper comes many design molds like a heart, or a square or a flower, and many more.

With this, you can take your pancake game a notch higher and enjoy your new shaped pancakes topped with a delicious topping of your choice like whipped cream, blueberries, strawberries, maple syrup, etc. All you got to do is place the product in your cooking pan and put the pancake batter in the middle of the mold boundary, and voila, you have your shaped pancakes.

It has multiple benefits that will make you want to get one for yourself.

Material Of Pancake Shaper

The pancake shaper is made of stainless steel, which makes it very food-friendly and harmless. The material is food grade and perfectly safe even for babies


Being made of stainless steel makes the pancake shaper very appealing as it also is very durable and will surely last you for a long time even after multiple usages. All you need to do it clean it well after use and it will remain rust-free.


Even if the product is named as a pancake shaper, you can definitely add in use or two. For instance, using it as an omelet shaper. You can most definitely try out various shapes with your sunny side up; You will be sure to enjoy your everyday breakfast much more.

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