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Silicone Non-Stick Fantastic Egg Cooker Pancake Maker

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  • The egg cooker is perfect for cooking eggs and pancakes
  • The egg cooker mold is made of silicone.
  • It is eco-friendly and does not affect the quality of the food.
  • The mold comes in different shapes.
  • The mold is extremely lightweight and is of small size.
  • It is very easy to clean the mold.
  • The packaging contains only one mold.
  • You can keep it anywhere because of its size.

Dual Purpose Silicone Egg Cooker Mould For Pancakes, and Eggs

Everyone loves eggs and pancakes as breakfast. Then, how about making it a bit easier and representable? This is where you will need this egg cooker mold. The egg cooker mold is of perfect size, so you won’t have to deal with a specific pan as it works on all. 

The mold comes with a durable silicone material, which means it’s eco-friendly, and the batter does not get affected or harmed in any way. It can be used for cooking eggs and is a preferable choice for pancakes as well. It comes in different molds, so you can choose the best one among them. 

Furthermore, the egg cooker mold is extremely lightweight, which makes it portable and is very easy to clean. Also, you won’t be facing any storage issues because of its small size. It can be fitted anywhere, regardless of the place.

Durability Of The Egg Cooker

The egg cooker mold is perfect for eggs and pancakes cooking. The mold comes with silicone a highly durable material, which means that it will last for a long time, and it is economical. Also, food kept in it will not be harmed or damaged in any way.

Shape & Size

The mold comes in different shapes and different sizes, so you can choose the one you feel better. The size of the mold is perfect in a way that you can take it anywhere or store it anywhere without any problem one may choose according to the preferences.


Furthermore, the mold is very easy to clean. Just one wipe is enough to clear the whole area. Also, the mold is extremely lightweight which gives you the advantage of keeping it anywhere and because of the material, it can’t be damaged easily 

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