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Stainless Steel Masticating Slow Juicer: Perfect For Juices

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Standard KitWith 3 StrainersWith Coarse StrainerWith Sorbet Strainer
220-240V 50 60Hz
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  • The slow juicer is brilliant for making any kind of juice;
  • Moreover, it is easy to clean;
  • Also, you can easily carry it anywhere;
  • The stainless steel body of the juicer adds to its good quality;
  • The juicer has a capacity to produce moire than 500 ml of juice.

Stainless Steel Masticating Slow Juicer: Perfect For Juices


The field of juicing appliances has undergone major transformations over the years. The reason is their rising popularity among people who love to prepare juices in the comfort of their kitchens. One such type of juicer is masticating slow juicer. Most of these juicers boast of being highly effective as well as user friendly. You simply need to select the best model as per your own requirements and needs.

Different Benefits Of Masticating Slow Juicer

These masticating slow juicer possesses quick and sharp blades which can help slicing up your fruits and vegetables quite efficiently. Thus, you can be rest assured that you will get more juice and less pulp. In fact, the pulp is much drier than expected. Moreover, many people are concerned about cleaning these juicer machines. Well, the best aspect of these masticating slow juicer machines is that you can clean them very easily. In fact, as per the user reviews, cleaning these machines is not a hassle at anytime.

Also, though it may be an automatic machine but still you need to treat it like a normal one and take care of its wear and tear.


The slow juicer is a wonderful machine which has brought about a revolution in the field of juicing. Moreover, it is simply amazing and can become a permanent appliance in your kitchen. So, you can get good quality juice from fruits and vegetables without much fuss. Moreover, the said juicer makes use of auger just like screw in place of the traditional blades for squeezing the juice out of these fruits and vegetables. This helps in maintaining the texture, color, vitamins, as well as nutrients. In addition, it also helps in maintaining the durability and good quality of the juicer. So, make a decision quickly and choose the sloe juicer to meet all your juicing needs.

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