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Electric Lunch Box To Use Anytime And Anywhere

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  • It has an intelligent plug-n-heat function with an LED screen.
  • Plugin the cord in the power socket and food will be hot in a few minutes.
  • It needs a voltage of 220V/50Hz.
  • The product dimension is 267*141*177mm.


Electric Lunch Box To Use Anytime And Anywhere

The best way to relish your food is to consume it warm. Many times when you have lunch at the office, the food that you brought had already gone cold. Why? Because like the majority, you would pack it in the plastic material lunch box that can’t keep the food hot for long. This issue can be solved out when you buy the electric lunch box. If you are confused about what kind of lunch box it is, read further to understand its features and perks.

Electric Lunch Box Features:

It has an intelligent plug-n-heat function with an LED screen.

The size of this electronic lunch box is perfect; thus, it will not take much of the space.

What Is The Advantage Of Buying This Lunch Box?

Now having food at office and even while traveling is no more an issue. With this electric lunch box, all you have to do is plug in the cord in the power socket. That’s it; your food will be ready to serve hot. So, devour food wherever you are like you do at your home. You can also customize the food warming time as per your schedule and food content requirements.

Package Inclusion:

An electric power cord accompanies with the lunch box. You can plug it in anytime to heat the food.

It comes with a convenient case that is the double waterproof bag for easy carrying of a lunch box and to keep the power cord safe.

Time Taken For Different Warming Needs:

Heating food – 0.1 h to 3 h

Steam food – 0.1 h to 3 h

Heat preservation – 1 h to 4 h

Stew Soup – 1 h to 4 h

Porridge – 1 h to 3 h

Dessert – 1 h to 4 h

Note: 0.1h is equal to 6 minutes

Product Specifications:

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Capacity: 1.5L

Product size: 267*141*177mm

Shape: Oval

Weight: <2kg

LCD: Yes

Color: Gray


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