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Silicone Cookie Molds For Artistic Decorations

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  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 6.5*5.5cm
  • Packaging:1pc
  • Multiple colors
  • Amazing designs
  • Durable and food-grade products

Silicone Cookie Molds For Artistic Decorations

The primary benefit of 3D silicone cookie molds has always been to produce the same parts repeatedly at a much faster rate for mass production. Now forget those boring circular or square-shaped cakes. Thanks to 3D printed molds, baking cakes can be more fun now, and you can shape them any way you want. The delicious food just became much more attractive to the eyes thanks to these 3D Letter cake molds.  Now bakers can reach a new level of aesthetics in terms of baking cakes, cookies, and biscuits.

This tool, also termed as a biscuit stamp, can come in various shapes and sizes. It includes numerous letters and Arabic numerals. You can use them to make embossed cakes, biscuits, and cookies.

Product Specification

The product, also known as a biscuit stamp or a cookie stamp, is very user friendly. To use this device, place the dough on a well-placed platform then, press the stamps on the dough. Perfect for decorating any type of baked products, this 2-piece 3D letter cake mold is made from food-grade plastic, and CQI and FDA certified.  The two pieces of alphanumeric symbol biscuit stamp mold are 9 cm x 8 cm in dimension.

Benefits Of Using The Product

The silicone cookie molds have many benefits and make baking much more fun activities for the professional as well as the baking enthusiasts.

Making interesting cakes with embossed alphabets

Giving a chance to show your creativity

A perfect product to give your kids if they are into baking

FDA approved eco-friendly plastic for harmless baking fun

With the 3D alphanumeric symbol biscuit stamp mold from Aihogard, you can now bake cakes and cookies in shapes and sizes you never thought was possible. Use this product to surprise your friends, family, and customers with your baking skills.

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