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Copper Kitchen Utensils 6 Pcs Set Stainless Steel Set

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Product Specification:

Material: Food grade stainless steel
Size: Spatula: 32*9 cm; noodle fishing: 32*6.5 cm; rice spoon: 25.5*8 cm; colander: 31.5*10.5 cm; frying shovel: 32*7.5 cm; soup spoon: 31*8.5 cm

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Copper Kitchen Utensils 6 Pcs Set Stainless Steel Set

To manage your kitchen chores, you need to invest in a myriad of kitchen tools and devices. No doubt, this one place of the house has a lot more to do. When it comes to cooking, you need various types of spatulas of different make and size. Also, the most vital thing is that you buy items that have a food-grade certificate so that you cook and eat healthily. So, always buy copper kitchen utensils as they are safe to use. Let’s know why to buy them.

Benefits Of Buying Copper Kitchen Utensils

Copper is a malleable metal that has very high thermal conductivity. Moreover, copper can kill unwanted Viruses and bacteria. It is a solution to destroy the bacteria called E-Coli (or Escherichia coli), which leads to food poisoning. So, buying copper utensils is a valuable decision for your safety and health purpose.
Also, there is an eyelet on every item included in this kitchenware collection so that you can hang them declutter your kitchen. Thus, it is a fantastic helper for your kitchen needs.

Copper Kitchen Utensils Features:

It is a multi-functional combination of kitchen tools, including a spatula, rice spoon, noodles fishing, colander, frying shovel, and soup spoon.

The spatula set is built of food-grade thick stainless steel. Hence, it is safe to prepare any food.

It is not easy to deform, thus, a long-lasting product to buy.

The ergonomic design and copper-plated handles of the spoons are mirror polished, smooth, and boast brilliant surfaces.

All the items in the set have a comfortable grip.

Also, they have thermal insulation, so users will not feel the heat and can use them securely.

Product Specification:

The material of the said product is completely safe and hygienic, namely Food grade stainless steel. the Spatula has a size of 32*9 cm whereas noodle fishing measures 32*6.5 cm. The dimensions of rice spoon are 25.5*8 cm, that of colander are 31.5*10.5 cm, that of frying shovel are 32*7.5 cm and those of soup spoon are 31*8.5 cm

Specification: Copper Kitchen Utensils 6 Pcs Set Stainless Steel Set

Type Utensils
Certification CIQ
Metal Type Stainless Steel
Feature Eco-Friendly
Material Metal
Utensils Type Utensil Sets
Model Number Cooking Utensils Kitchen Utensil Set
Brand Name Pawaca