A Butter Whisk Mixer Or A Manual Egg Beater

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  • A manual egg beater in the form of a whisk mixer.
  • For quick, effortless mixing and stirring.
  • Material: stainless steel.
  • Length options: 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches.
  • Diameters: 1.69 inches, 2.17 inches and 2.56 inches.
  • Package contents: 1 x egg whisk.
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10 inches12 inches8 inches
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A Butter Whisk Mixer Or A Manual Egg Beater

Do you face problems whisking or mixing a batter when preparing a recipe at home? Do you require a whisk for beating an egg or mixing butter? You cannot get a better option than this butter whisk mixer then. It is a stainless steel balloon wire whisk that comes with high-quality material. You can use it for beating an egg manually or for mixing varying kinds of batters to make several delicious recipes. One of the keen uses of this stainless steel whisk mixer is with milk cream butter whisking. So bring this pastry blender as your kitchen utensil home for making your mixing task easier and quicker.

A Butter Whisk Mixer And Some Features Attached

Made of high-quality steel, this pastry blender is a great kitchen accessory for quick as well as effortless mixing and stirring. Your stirring task will be done in a comparatively lesser amount of time when you have this manual device at home. Also, it allows for very efficient mixing of food products. Otherwise, if you try it with hand or normal spoons, it is not that good. It could be more time-taking and less properly mixed when you lack a good mixing device. So the need for such a tool arises.

Some Specifications Related To The Whisks

Here you can get several size options in the whisks to choose from. Further, there is a hanging loop at the end of each egg whisk to prevent occupying your precious kitchen space. This is an easy to use kitchen tool and comes in three different size options. One of them is with length 21cm, second with 26cm, while the third is with 31cm length. Similarly, they also vary in their diameters. The three diameters are 4.3cm, 5.5cm, and 6.5cm. You get one piece of an egg whisk when applied for. This can be an amazing kitchen gadget for simplifying one of the most important operations of all kitchens.

Specification: A Butter Whisk Mixer Or A Manual Egg Beater

Brand Name TEAEGG
Egg Tools Type Egg Beaters
Feature Stocked
Eggbeater Laying Method Hand
Material Metal
Function Stiring
Model Number 21521
Function 2 Egg Tools
Function 3 Multifunctional
Function 1 Egg Stirring
Function 4 Milk,Cream,Butter Mixer
A Butter Whisk Mixer Or A Manual Egg Beater
A Butter Whisk Mixer Or A Manual Egg Beater
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