A Creative Oil Bottle For Storing Several Liquids

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  • A creative oil bottle for storing any kind of oil.
  • Sealed, leakproof bottle/container for oil.
  • Materials: glass, stainless steel.
  • Weight: 380g, 560g.
  • Package contents: 1 piece.
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A Creative Oil Bottle For Storing Several Liquids

Do you feel you lack a good quality oil container in your kitchen? Are you in dire need of one of these oil containers? Then get this creative oil bottle for not just storing oil, but also for several extra benefits you get with its use. This oil bottle is a very convenient bottle for oil storage. You can also use it for keeping soy sauce or vinegar, edible oils, or cooking wine. One can further use it for storing sesame oil, olive oil, and many other varieties of oil. This is a leakproof cooking oil container, sealed well to prevent any leakage.

Creative Oil Bottle For Every Household

Such oil bottles find use in every kitchen. Because they have a proper sealing, there is no chance of the contents getting affected due to the outer air. This bottle also has a transparent part of keeping you informed of the quantity of oil inside. You can see through this transparent part to judge whether you will recently need to refill the container or not. There are markings for letting you know the exact measurement of this quantity. This olive oil holder has a unique kind of lid or cover. It is a designer, though easy to use.

Far Better Than Its Counterparts

This cooking oil container is better than other containers for various reasons. It is a food-grade glass material bottle, so it is entirely safe for health. It has non-toxic and tasteless materials used. Further, this bottle is a beautiful thing to be kept in the corner of your kitchen countertop. It is durable and not easy to rust. In contrast to this, there are plastic bottles, poor for health with bad and unstable performance. Our olive oil holder is stainless steel and glass, whereas other bottles are just glass with chances to fall and break.

Beautifully Perfect

These designer oil bottles are also crack-resistant, non-slipping, and more beautiful than glass ones.

Specification: A Creative Oil Bottle For Storing Several Liquids

Brand Name YOMDID
Certification CIQ
Material Glass
Feature Eco-Friendly
Model Number KG83O-
A Creative Oil Bottle For Storing Several Liquids
A Creative Oil Bottle For Storing Several Liquids


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