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A Cutlery Drain Rack: Optimizing Kitchen Countertop Space

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$200.00 $120.00

  • A three-tier cutlery drain rack for holding bowls, mugs, and plates.
  • Rustproof and space optimizer.
  • Material: iron.
  • Color: silver.
  • Size: 50cm x 25cm x 45cm.
  • Package contents: 1 x dish drainer.
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$200.00 $120.00

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A Cutlery Drain Rack: Optimizing Kitchen Countertop Space

Are you short of countertop space in the kitchen? Do you need some nice drainer for your dishes and bowls? Then try our cutlery drain rack. It is a three-tier dish drainer. You can use three layers for different utensils placed safely onto it. It is important to have enough space in kitchens for proper working. But sometimes we become short of space. Such a cutlery holder can solve all your troubles regarding countertop space in kitchens. It is a silver-colored iron rack with rust-resistant material. So try this cutlery holder for optimum utilization of countertops.

Cutlery Drain Rack For Easy Storage

Its upper layer is for placing plates, middle one for mugs while the lower layer is for bowls. It also has some side-designs which you may use to hold further utensils. It is a heavy-duty rack, won’t rust even due to wet utensils. This rack also has great stability. So its contents won’t fall off and your cutlery will remain safely placed on three layers. This is a very easy way to storage for cutlery and forks. Further, its design provides more space on the countertop, making it more convenient for you to work in kitchens.

Fit For Any Kitchen Surrounding

This cutlery storage means can hold more utensils than any other drainer. All water will flow out automatically and make the utensils dry and ready for use. This kind of rack is, in fact, a necessity in kitchens. It lets you enjoy a lot of space and is great for smaller kitchens. You may also use it in any part of your kitchen. And place different stuff over it as and when needed. It also makes the surroundings neat and systematic. It is an extremely useful kitchen accessory for every household.

A Necessity For All Kitchens

By placing cutlery in these drainers, you also find it easy to take out any utensils when needed. It has a beautiful design. And it consists of great capacity to keep a whole lot of utensils in just one cutlery storage means.

Specification: A Cutlery Drain Rack: Optimizing Kitchen Countertop Space

Brand Name RUIMIO
Material Metal
Item Dish rack
A Cutlery Drain Rack: Optimizing Kitchen Countertop Space
A Cutlery Drain Rack: Optimizing Kitchen Countertop Space

$200.00 $120.00

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