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A Dough Scraper And More Such Tools Makes Cooking Easier

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  • High Quality
  • 100% brand new.
  • Durable
  • Material: Metal
  • Eco-friendly
  • Uses stainless material
  • Easy to use
  • Color: Random


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A Dough Scraper And More Such Tools Makes Cooking Easier

A dough scraper is that essential kitchen tool that bakers use. They use it for manipulation of dough. People also use this scraper for cleaning the dry kneading surface during the dough formation process. Further, the material of the product is of small sheets of stainless steel. The size of this approximately surrounds 3″×5″ or 8 cm × 13 cm.  Moreover, a pizza scraper comprises wood or a plastic handle. In addition to this, the handle can be of stainless steel also along with one of the long sides.

Dough Scraper Amazing Usage

The pastry chefs and bakers make use of this fantastic tool for the help of turning, picking up, and precisely portioning the dough. Also, you can use this essential generic tool in the kitchen for transferring dice pieces or slice pieces of food items. These items can be from chopping or cutting board to your cooking pan. In addition to this, pastry chefs use this scraper to give smooth and sharp edges to your stunning cake. It gives your cake a complete makeover. Furthermore, there are various names for scrapers like dough cutter, bench knife, board scraper, bench scraper, dough knife, and pastry cutter.

Its Specifications

There are immense varieties of this in the modern world. Such tools are having handles of material like silicone or nylon. It also features both edged and straight edges. These pastry spatulas are just perfect and suitable for pizza scraper and dough scraper. Also, it’s a 100% high-quality food-grade stainless-steel material. Moreover, it has an excellent feature of durability. It’s easy to use it as well as easy to clean. The blades of these spatulas are sharp and easy to use. Furthermore, it’s a perfect kitchen tool for restaurants, hotels, family, and a bread baker or baking. In addition to this, the spatula cutter is a pro dough cutter tool. It has an impressive feature of scale for measurement. Next, it’s very much convenient to use. Further, it’s a kitchen tool that will solve your problem of measurement, which you find tough sometimes. You can accurately use the equipment for measuring things and cook a perfect looking and delicious dish. It’s available in 15 * 15 cm size of 122-gram net weight.


This dough scraper is a perfect pocket-friendly kitchen tool to solve your kitchen hassles.  

Specification: A Dough Scraper And More Such Tools Makes Cooking Easier

Brand Name


Baking & Pastry Tools Type

Baking & Pastry Spatulas

Model Number

Baking & Pastry Tools





Kit Number



15×11.5 cm




Food-grade Stainless Steel

Use Scope

Pastry Cutters,Pizza Scraper,Dough Cutter

A Dough Scraper And More Such Tools Makes Cooking Easier
A Dough Scraper And More Such Tools Makes Cooking Easier


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