A Kitchen Seal Box Set Of Five Quality Containers

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$33.00 $27.00

  • Storage boxes for food with good sealing.
  • Material: PP.
  • Various colors available.
  • Diameters: 17cm, 15cm, 12.5cm, 8cm and 10cm.
  • Heights: 9.5cm, 8.5cm, 7cm, 3.5cm and 5.5cm.
  • Package contents: 5 pieces per set.
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$33.00 $27.00

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A Kitchen Seal Box Set Of Five Quality Containers

Looking forward to well-organizing your kitchens? Would you like to add some eco-friendly quality seal boxes for the purpose? Here are our kitchen seal box sets of five containers each for great preservation. Food products of course can’t do without good storage means. And hence we bring to you these containers. These are lunch boxes as well as storage cans. These are multi-utility boxes for your kitchens. Plus, they’re portable and durable for long term usage in some well-systematized kitchens. Let us go further with details of these sealed boxes.

A Basic Need For All Kitchens

As said, food can’t be kept outside due to obvious spoilage with time because of moisture. We also need a differentiation with different food products with different amounts. So keeping them separately in cans as per required capacities can be a good solution to go with. These are quality cans available in different sizes and capacities. They’re colorful and attractive as well to make your kitchens wonderful and inspiring places to work in. You can carry them with you when you go to places. Keep things you may need on the way, any food item you would like to enjoy during that time.

Eco-Friendly And Effortless

Using these cans can help lessen your effort and time wastage. It can also keep you from getting frustrated about not finding the required food item instantly or in great condition. Once you have arranged things well in them, life can be more relaxing and simpler. It can be more clear and easy. And cooking can hence be more of fun than a burden and time-taking task. It is really good to keep kitchens well-organized. Food also keeps its freshness and smell longer. You also prevent wastage and spoilage of food if you keep them in proper containers separately, well-sealed.

Kitchen Seal Box Sets For Varying Needs

Colors like orange, pink, green, and blue let your kitchens be interesting places to work in. Capacity differences allow for the optimum usage of containers. So bring these home for health and peace.

Specification: A Kitchen Seal Box Set Of Five Quality Containers

Feature Leakproof
Material Plastic
Shape Rectangle
item no Y55
A Kitchen Seal Box Set Of Five Quality Containers
A Kitchen Seal Box Set Of Five Quality Containers

$33.00 $27.00

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