A Mounted Mop Organizer For Brushes, Brooms As Well

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  • Mop hanger for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Store brooms, brushes, and kitchen supplies as well.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Size for one buckle roller: 7cm x 7cm.
  • Size for two buckle rollers: 7cm x 18cm.
  • Weight: 30g, 60g.
  • Colors: white and black.
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A Mounted Mop Organizer For Brushes, Brooms As Well

How about placing mops in an organized fashion? What if it even frees you from a need to drill holes in the wall? This is a wall-mounted mop organizer for your kitchens and bathrooms. With this cupboard organizer, you can orderly place mops, cleaning brushes, and brooms. This way you save space and are free from the need for drilling holes in walls. We need a lot of space in both kitchens and bathrooms. But using a lot of unavoidable stuff lessens space. Fortunately, this accessory will not let that happen. In fact, it will be an attractive way to make things systematic inside the home.

Wall Mounted Mop Organizer With Some Attractive Features

This mop holder is a powerful and durable product. It is available in two color options, beautiful white and black. You can also get a product with two hooks. Made from quality PVC, these mop holders are usable during multiple scenarios. You may use them in kitchens to hanging mops and toilet brushes. In kitchens, you may use them to hold mops, brooms, and even kitchen supplies. In fact, you can choose to have a collection of these hangers for use in several areas inside the home and office.

Strength, Durability And Simple Installation

Installing these strong and durable hangers is extremely easy. Just clean and dry the surface where you will be sticking the hooks. Remove the protective film from the back of the hook and paste and press it well. You may then press a mop lever hard to let it fix to this hook. These hooks are actually roller buckles, anti-skid, and durable. This kind of mop holder finds a lot of use in several parts of your home. Also, it can let you keep your cupboards also well-organized and spacious.

Keeping Home Clean

So, with such a cupboard organizer one can really take a step ahead in gaining space and keeping floors clean. Extremely useful, these mop holders can even give a new look to your same old room.

Specification: A Mounted Mop Organizer For Brushes, Brooms As Well

Material PVC
NZK 30
A Mounted Mop Organizer For Brushes, Brooms As Well
A Mounted Mop Organizer For Brushes, Brooms As Well


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