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Bamboo Tea Tray With Enough Storage And Capacity

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  • Material: Bamboo + Melamine
  • Color: As Specified
  • Size:18x13x1cm,20.5×20.5×2.5cm,27.5×11.8×3.5cm,30.8×12.5×2.2cm,25.5×25.5×4.7cm,32.5×19.2x4cm,28.5×28.5x3cm,43.5×26.5x4cm
  • Unit weight: approx. 150g/pc,280g/pc,350g/pc,550g/pc,600g/pc,700g/pc,960g/pc,1500g/pc
  • Useful and Elegant Edition
  • Protects bacterial growth

Bamboo Tea Tray With Enough Storage And Capacity

Bamboo is best known for an excellent smooth surface. It’s a renewable resource that’s better for the environment. Bamboo serving trays are right when it comes to chopping vegetables and fruits. However, the bamboo tea tray is mostly manufactured, and it contains no stains or dyes. The natural antimicrobial surface eliminates bad odor and protects bacterial growth and absorption. It’s sturdy and lightweight. Thus, that’s what makes it easy to store and grab it quickly.

Bamboo Tea Tray

The tea tray is best utilized for brewing tea in the conventional Chinese style. It’s an essential ingredient because of no messy process. The bamboo tray is a high-quality tray with natural finishing. The tray is designed in such a way that it can be used every day for drinks, snacks, nesting, and appetizer. Also, bamboo tea tray is perfect for thanksgiving gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, holiday gifts, etc.

They are handcrafted tea/coffee tray beautifully designed with high handles. It’s a must for crockery almirahs and a beautiful kitchen. You can see the real fusion of beauty and style to impress guests while serving coffee, tea at any occasion. Moreover, you can gift it proudly on the birthday or wedding. Experienced artisans craft it that’s well-known.

More About Traditional Bamboo Tea Tray

Tea trays made using bamboo are a useful and elegant addition for the preparation of tea. They offer various features like enable discarded water, and embossed leaf design. The entire piece is portable enough to carry tea. Also, it has appropriate dimensions that make it much more enjoyable.

It is advised to keep it away from deep water soaks and abrasives. However, you can clean it easily without rinsing it off.


Since the tea tray gives your plenty of space, you can easily serve tea/coffee to your family members and friends. Also, they are strong enough to withstand jerks.

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