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Biscuit Cutter Decorative Baking Tool Set

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  • Lets you be creative when it comes to baking biscuits and cookies
  • Comes with four different fun designs
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Material:  Food-grade plastic
  • Package content: 4 x Biscuit cutters

Biscuit Cutter Decorative Baking Tool Set

A biscuit cutter is basically a decorative baking tool that allows you to put decorations and styling on your biscuits or cookies. With this tool, you can unleash your creative side and add some bits and pieces of decoration to your baked goods. You can now say hello to an old boring square or round-shaped biscuit. And say hello to a more creative looking biscuit.

4 Different Designs

One good thing about this cutter set is that it comes with four different designs. The designs are an egg, a rabbit, a butterfly, and a chick. These designs are actually ideal for the spring season or Easter season. But of course, not really limited to just that. You can make creative biscuits or cookies with this design all year round. It just gives you more options to let you explore your creative side when it comes to baking. You may opt just to use one design per batch or all four designs per batch.

Food Grade Material Of The Biscuit Cutter

When we talk about food and anything that gets in contact with food, safety is always an issue. We make sure that the ingredients we use, and the tools we use to make food is safe. Good thing that the material for this cutter is perfectly safe. The material is a food-grade plastic that is actually eco-friendly. So it is safe for both human and mother Earth. So you don’t have to worry about any toxic substance to mix with your biscuit dough. The material is safe for baking. It will not change up to texture, the taste and the smell of your dough.

Various Use

Though it is a cutter that is designed for biscuits and cookies, you can use it for something else. You can use it as a cutter for fondant cake decorations, fondant sugar, fondant petal, and marzipan DIY cooking.

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