Cold Smoker Generator Portable Molecular

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  • Cold smoker molecule
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  • Easy to operate
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If you are a person who loves to prepare delicious meals, you need to have a good collection of kitchen accessories. These are essential not only for the preparation but also for the presentation. Some of these items are required on a daily basis while some are kept for special occasions. However, your culinary skills will only improve when you have it all. No more worries as now you have this exclusive product. This one is a premium quality cold smoker that has multiple features. You can get this one easily by placing your order online. The sole purpose of buying this item is to achieve excellence in a variety of cuisines. Now, let us know about the same in detail.

Cold Smoker Generator Portable Molecular

This exclusive product lets you infuse smoke into your food with perfection. The classic aromas like hickory or Applewood can be the ultimate way of impressing your guests at home. Also, creative flavors like teas, spices or dried flowers can make your dishes exceptional. There is an anodized aluminum smoking chamber in this one resulting in cool smoke. Also, the compact infusion system makes it gentle enough to use on food without changing texture or temperature. So, this one can be a worthy pick for preparing a variety of dishes. You can use 2 AA batteries on this one anywhere.

Easy To Operate

This product is quite easy to use and maintain. It provides an easy cleaning option by simply wiping it with a cotton cloth. Or, you can use water to clean this one as well. However, the manufacturing brand does not recommend using a dishwasher to clean this appliance. The smoking gun in this appliance quickly makes smoking. This product works on various types of wood chips, tea, herbs, spices, hay, and dried flowers.

Specification: Cold Smoker Generator Portable Molecular

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Smoking generators

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Food Cold Smoke Gun

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Molecular cuisine



Cold Smoker Generator Portable Molecular
Cold Smoker Generator Portable Molecular


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