Cake Pan Wraps Unique Baking Accessory

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  • Helps you to get an evenly baked cake
  • Easy and very convenient to use
  • SAfe to use for up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Size: 88cm x 4cm
  • Package content: 1 x Cake Pan Strips


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Cake Pan Wraps Unique Baking Accessory

Cake pan wraps are considered a unique baking accessory mainly because they are really not that common yet. Another reason is that not all are using it or even know that it exists. These wraps are actually a strip-like accessory that you put around a baking pan. The main function of this particular strip is to give an even hit distribution to the pan.  The goal for putting the strip is to allow the cake to rise or cook in an even manner. It is actually a baker’s struggle to have an uneven finished product. More often than not, when you bake a bake, it is overcooked on the sides and undercooked in the middle. And that is not good. One way or the other, there is some area that will not be cooked perfectly.

Product Features Of The Cake Pan Wraps

These pan wraps can be a baker’s best friend. It can make a baker’s life a lot easier and more pleasant. Who does not like a perfectly cooked cake right? This wrap can definitely do its job. The material is actually just a fabric but it is a fabric that can withstand the extreme heat of up to 400°F.  So with that said, you know that it is durable and long-lasting. They are washable so you can always keep them clean.

Instructions For Use

These amazing wraps are actually very easy to use. All you got to do is get the wrap, try to measure it around the pan so you would know if it fits. After the first step, soak the wrap with water. Make sure all the areas are wet. the next step is to put it around the pan already and then seal it using the provision for insertion. And then you are good to go and put the pan in the oven and wait for the cake to cook.

Specification: Cake Pan Wraps Unique Baking Accessory

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Cake Pan Wraps Unique Baking Accessory
Cake Pan Wraps Unique Baking Accessory
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