Carbon Clad Steel Kitchen Knives with Cover

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  • Professional knife butcher that comes with a 5.5-inch size
  • Has a solid and secure handle that is not soldered for maximum durability
  • Blades are manually sharpened by knife professional artists
  • Made with forged high carbon clad steel
  • Comes with a cover for optimal protection and safety


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Carbon Clad Steel Kitchen Knives with Cover

Do you want to buy carbon clad steel kitchen knives? Do you need to have a butcher knife that can make your time shorter in the kitchen? Would you want to own a knife that is super effective and efficient? We have it for you. This knife is your super knife. It can do so many things that your other knives can’t do. This is a definite tool for your kitchen. It can help you slice all the hard seafood you have in the fridge. If you are preparing lamb chops, ribs, or steaks, don’t worry about how to cut them right. This knife can do all the dirty work for you.

This is an essential household tool. But it is not only for that, as you may also use it for other situations like using it for outdoor events. It can be great for camping, barbecue parties, and many more. This knife is the ultimate go-to for your kitchen needs. You surely can-do other tasks after you can cook faster and spend a shorter time in the kitchen.

Carbon Clad Steel Kitchen Knives Description 

This Serbian chef knife is a pro knife that is perfect for chopping hard meats and proteins. It is suitable for fruits, vegetables, meats like steaks, sirloin, and it can also chop seafood. This knife is a good design and manual construction. It is of high-carbon clad steel. It uses manganese steel, which is sharpened manually by knife experts and artists. This allows the knife to be rigid, strong, and razor-sharp.

As for the handle, the materials for it are steel shank, wood, and rivet fixing. This allows for secure attachment. And the handle is solid enough to withstand the pressure of every chop and movement. There is no soldering involved in this entire construction, so it ensures a more secure handle. This knife is sure to last the longest time. You can use it in many ways and circumstances.

Product Details

Lastly, this professional knife butcher comes with a 5.5-inch size. It has a solid and secure handle that is for maximum durability. The blades are manually sharpened by professional knife artists. The knife itself is made with forged high carbon clad steel. Moreover, it comes with a cover for optimal protection and safety.

Specification: Carbon Clad Steel Kitchen Knives with Cover

Brand Name XYj
Feature Eco-Friendly
Type Knives
Certification CIQ
Knife Type Chef Knives
Knife Name Butcher Chef knife
Knife Blade Material Handmade Forged High-carbon Clad Steel
Knife Handle Material Full Tang integrated steel shank + wood + rivet fixing
Application Kitchen Knife
Appearance Of The Knife Comfortable And Elegant Noble
Function urkey meat Salmon Steak beef Bread Fish Chicken Vegetabl knife
Function 2 Fish sashimi Salmon Sushi Vegetables Fruit Turkey Beef knife
Uses Kitchen Chef frozen Santoku Cleaver Cutter Slicing Filleting Steak