Clamp Tool For Kitchen and Cooking Use


  • Allows you to conveniently transfer food without getting your hands dirty
  • Made with an environment-friendly material
  • Easy to use and its is long-lasting
  • Material: bamboo, silicone
  • Package content: 1 x Clamp tool for cooking


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Clamp Tool For Kitchen and Cooking Use

This clamp tool for kitchen and cooking use is actually just like a tong. The function, the look is basically the same as that of a kitchen tong. This function of this piece of kitchen utensil is to help you grasp or get food. It is actually a hygienic way to move one food item from one container to another. It can also help you flip, rotate, move and adjust a particular food item while you are preparing and cooking them. This is very handy to use when you do not want your hands to get dirty, slimy, oily or stinky. It is like an extension of your hand while you prepare and cook food. Furthermore, it is handy when the food you want to move to is too cold or too hot. It actually helps to prevent any burns and blister while cooking.

Environment-Friendly Material
The material for this kitchen tool is an environment-friendly bamboo. It is more sustainable and is good for mother Earth. It has a silicon handle to make it more convenient to use. So using this kind of tool does not make you feel guilty at all because you are not harming the environment and yourself. The best part is that the materials are durable and long-lasting. So you can use it for a long time and save money from buying kitchen tools over and over.

Ideal Gift Item

This kitchen tool actually looks cute it makes it ideal to qualify as a gift item. You can give it to mothers, wives or even husbands who love to cook. Ideal to give during housewarmings, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. They come in 2 cute colors which are red and green. This kind of tong is actually ideal for salads, cookies, and small food items.

Specification: Clamp Tool For Kitchen and Cooking Use

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Food Clip


Cooking Tool Sets



Clamp Tool For Kitchen and Cooking Use
Clamp Tool For Kitchen and Cooking Use


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