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Picnic Beer Bag For Carrying Tons Of Cans

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Free Shipping Worldwide

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  • Portable Beer Bottle Opener
  • Made Of 600D With Elastic Band
  • Leak-Proof And Lightweight
  • Has A Voltage Aluminum Film
  • Long And Short Strap With Sealed Zipper

Picnic Beer Bag For Carrying Tons Of Cans

Are you a person who would love to bring food with himself to counter random food cravings, save those extra bucks, or following a strict diet? It is a smart option to invest in a picnic beer bag for yourself. As its name suggests, it is a lunch cooler of classic fabric. These roomy bags offer you quite a massive storage to keep your extra beer cans of yours while going to a beach. There are different kinds of cool designs printed on them, which make them a trademark of fashion. Let us jump right into some of its impressive specifications:

Picnic Beer Bag Specifications:

This versatile bag comes with various specifications. You can have a caption or a logo of your choice at the front center of the lunch cooler. Its fabric is waterproof, so forget about the problems you would typically face while coming on rainy days. The bag’s zipper is correctly sealed so that stuff doesn’t fall out of your bag. The bag comes with a bottle opener attached to it, making it more useful for taking it outside as the bag is also 100% leak-proof from inside. It will be helpful if one of your cans gets leaked from inside the bag, your clothes won’t get dirty. They are available in black, white, sky blue, and dark blue eye-appealing colors.

More Space For Keeping Extra Items

This bag has many pockets on its side for keeping your extra stuff such as mobile phones, water bottles, cigarette packs, etc. You can keep up to sixteen cans of beers in it for your party. And don’t worry about the drinks being also warmed as the bag can keep them cool for up to eight hours. Your hot food will remain fresh in the lunch cooler for up to four hours. You can carry any food inside and have a great time.

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