Egg Mold Kitchen Accessory For Multipurpose Use

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  • PERFECT EGGS EVERY TIME: Now it’s easier to whip up sunny side up eggs with the help of this handy egg tool
  • MULTIPURPOSE: You can also use it for perfectly round and uniformly sized pancakes and omelets
  • MATERIAL: Made from food-grade silicone guaranteed safe
  • COLORS: Comes in red, orange, blue and green
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: 1 X Egg mold


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Egg Mold Kitchen Accessory For Multipurpose Use

This egg mold is a kitchen accessory that can have different uses in cooking. This is an accessory that can make cooking more fun and enjoyable. This mold is actually multipurpose. This only means that it is not limited to only one kind of food. You can use it for cooking an egg. If you are a perfectionist and you want an egg that has a perfectly round shape then this is for you. On top of eggs, you can use this accessory for cooking pancakes. It can let you make a perfectly round pancake. That way you can serve it with better presentation. Furthermore, this accessory is also ideal to use for baking. You can make round cookies and biscuits using this accessory. You can create standard sizes for cookies. Very ideal if you are into selling cookies. Lastly, you can also use it for garnish and other food preparations. You can make it as a mold to create a circle food.

Ideal for Cafes, Restaurants, and Bakeries

In restaurants, bakeries, and cafes, presentation is a big factor in order to wow customers. On top of that, there should be consistency. And in order to achieve that, you need to have a tool that can help you standardize things. One kitchen accessory or tool that can help you achieve that is a mold for cookies, eggs, and pancakes. This is very essential for those cafes, bakeries, and restaurants that serve these kinds of food. The products should have a standard look and size. So having a mold that can make things look the same is essential. In any business, consistency is also key.

Features And Specs Of The Egg Mold

The material for this mold is strong and durable silicone. It only weighs 40g so it is very light. It comes in three different colors: red, orange and green. The colors can make working in the kitchen more vibrant and fun.

Specification: Egg Mold Kitchen Accessory For Multipurpose Use


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Egg & Pancake Rings

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Egg Mold



Egg Mold Kitchen Accessory For Multipurpose Use
Egg Mold Kitchen Accessory For Multipurpose Use


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