Flower Bag Disposable Baking Tool Essentials

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  • Allows you to put decorative icing design on your baked goodies
  • Easy to use with its non-slip design
  • Comes in different sizes to suit your needs
  • Material: plastic
  • Size:
    • S size:26cm x 27cm x 16cm
    • M size:31cm x 33cm x 20cm
    • L size:35cm x 40cm x 24cm
  • Package content: 10 x Disposable Flower Bag


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Flower Bag Disposable Baking Tool Essentials

A flower bag is a baking tool that comes with many names. Most people call it a pastry bag, and others call it icing piping bags, piping bags, and decorating bags. Whatever you wish to call it, the function and purpose remain the same. These bags are for piping out icing for decorations, cookie batter, whipped cream, cupcake batter and more. These are baking tools essential because they come in very handy and make a baker’s life easy.

Odorless And Non-Toxic

The material for this particular baking tool bag is a food-grade plastic that is non-toxic so it is definitely safe to use. Furthermore, these plastic material is odorless so it does not affect the quality of the food item that you out in it. So they are clean and healthy to use.

Non-Slip Design

The design of the plastic bags is very easy to use. It works well with any pastry tip. Furthermore, it has a non-slip design that makes it more convenient to use.  So it can prevent any bursting and slip so you do not create any mess and unwanted spillage. The design actually makes it ideal to pipe out icing on cakes, cupcakes and the likes. Ideal to use by beginners and even expert bakers.

Ease Of Use

Lastly, these pipes are very easy to use. As mentioned above, any pastry tip can be used for the bags because you can adjust the opening accordingly. You can just cut the tip to fir the right tip size. Install it like the usual and use it right away. Since the bags are clear, you can easily see the content inside. That way you don’t mix up or get the wrong icing color that you need. After putting the necessary design on your baked goodies, you can just empty it out and dispose of it. No need for hassle washing.

Specification: Flower Bag Disposable Baking Tool Essentials

Baking & Pastry Tools Type



Baking & Pastry Tools





Kit Number


Model Number

Baking & Pastry Tools

S size

26*27*16cm/ 10.23*10.62*6.29''

M size

31*33*20cm/ 12.20*12.99*7.87''

L size

35*40*24cm/ 13.77*15.74*9.44''







Flower Bag Disposable Baking Tool Essentials
Flower Bag Disposable Baking Tool Essentials
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