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Multi-Purpose, Foldable Dish Tub With Cutting Board

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  • When folded works as cutting board. When opened works as washing basket or drain basket.
  • 3-in-1 multi-functionality. Designed in an enclosure with the sink.
  • No storage problem. Dimensions: Opening 40x30x13 cm and Folding 40x30x3 cm
  • Easily portable and durable. Suitable for camping, BBQs, and traveling purposes.
  • It is made of PP+TPR food graded material.
  • Non-deformable, tough, and strong.
  • An anti-slip layer at the bottom. Durable and wear-resistance.

The product in the description is a Multi-Purpose, Foldable Dish Tub with Cutting Board. The specialty of this product is that it can reduce into just a cutting board with the apt size, and when opened, it forms into a basket. Now, this basket is what is significant here. Also, people can use it for washing purposes, attached to a drainage system. It can also be used as a normal basket for holding things.

The size of the basket is appropriate for multiple purposes, such as an ice bucket or a fruit basket, and is made tough and strong. One cannot easily deform this basket. The cutting board consists of silicone for the best results. The material consists of food-grade stuff for safe and healthy use.

Store Your Dishes Safely With The Dish Tub

Multi-Purpose Basket- A great tool for your kitchen. This dish tub is multi-functional as one can use it as a cutting board when you fold it or open it, it can be used as a washing basket for vegetables with a drainage system, ice bucket, and even useful for traveling and camping.

Easy Storage; The size is appropriate to fit in the sink. This way, you don’t have to worry about the tub falling off when you try and store the dishes safely. It does not require much space and suitable for washing fruits and vegetables. One can customize it into a sink or can separate it as a basket as well.

Toughness; The basket consists of PP+TPR material, which makes it tough and non-deformable. The bottom has an anti-slippery layer, which is also wear-resistance. The dish tub will serve your purposes for a lot more duration than you could possibly imagine.

One can wash it easily inside a dishwasher. The material is of food-grade, which makes it healthy for use and also eco-friendly.

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Multi-Purpose, Foldable Dish Tub With Cutting Board



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