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Colander Made of Silicone to Wash Fruits and Vegetables Easily

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  • The container is available in different colors.
  • It also features holes at the base.
  • The container’s dimensions are 18.8 cm by 24.5 cm.
  • The manufacturer uses PP and TPR materials to manufacture the containers.
  • Delivery takes between 24-48 days.

A Colander To Wash Everything

It’s everybody’s responsibility to maintain a high level of cleanliness to keep diseases at bay. Unknown to some fruits may pose a considerable danger to human beings. Are you kidding? The risk comes when one ingests the fruits without cleaning them first. Similarly, vegetables too must be thoroughly cleaned before embarking on cooking them. What better utensils to use that Silicone Colander?

The colander features some holes, especially at the base. The holes help the dirty water out as one cleans the fruits or the vegetables. Additionally, the utensil has handles at both ends to make cleaning more manageable and less strenuous. You’ll be happy to know that the equipment exists in different colors such as red, green, orange, among others.

The bowl-like design of the utensil makes it useful in cleaning. One has no choice but to wash the fruits in the sink as the water drains out. Whichever size you prefer, the product manufacturer has you fully covered! 

The Utensil Is Useful In Cleaning

As mention before, the colander features some holes at the base. The holes help to remove all the dirt by draining the dirty water. All one needs to do is to shake the product slowly as the water runs through the vegetables. It may also help to rub the fruits or vegetables for more effective cleaning 

One Can Use It To Store Fruits And Vegetables

The equipment is available in different sizes. Thanks to the holes, one can use it, to store either fruits or vegetables safely. However, one must dry it thoroughly before keeping the fruits to avoid rotting. 

Easy To Clean And Store The Colander

You’ll be surprised to know that the colander is foldable. Additionally, since the product is made from plastic, it makes it easy to clean it up. 

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