Fruit Cake Tray Nordic Style Multipurpose Kitchenware


  • Available in colors like silver, gold, and rainbow
  • Comes with an oblique shape and heart
  • Material: stainless
  • Package content: 1 x tray
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Fruit Cake Tray Nordic Style Multipurpose Kitchenware

Have you been shopping for some fruit cake tray which has a nordic style? Do you want to find a good-looking and appealing tray for your fruits and cake slices? Although there are many kinds of trays in the market these days, this product is better than the rest. It looks exquisite, and it can be used in multiple situations, occasions, and places. There indeed are many ways that you can prepare the food or items on it.

When you think of trays, you ultimately realize that they have many uses. So it is wiser to buy a tray that has a high quality like this product. Not only is it suitable for foods and delights, but it is also perfect for using it in items and stuff too. One of the most common ways to use a tray aside from food is to place pieces of jewelry on it. With its sophisticated and mirror-like look, your pieces of jewelry can be displayed well on these trays too. Perhaps some shops use this shop for a lot of purposes again!

Design and Uses

This serving cake pan is not the average steel pans for cakes. This pan comes in a nordic style that boasts a beautiful shiny, and reflective finish. Although coated and smoothened with different colors like rainbow, gold, and silver, these trays are made of stainless steel material. It will not rust for a long time, and it is wear-resistant too. This tray is a good investment and an excellent addition to your kitchen utensils. If you always entertain guests in your home, even when you prepare simple cookies? That would be sufficient. It would automatically look elegant and beautiful when served on these trays. Because of its small and intricate design, your food items and snacks will look delightful, appealing, and devouring too. This is the best way to create elegant table settings.`

Fruit Cake Tray Details

This oven tray is of stainless steel material that can accommodate different food items. It can also contain things like pieces of jewelry, watches, and other inedible things. It comes with different colors like silver, gold, and rainbow. Lastly, it comes with an oblique shape and a heart one too.

Specification: Fruit Cake Tray Nordic Style Multipurpose Kitchenware

Shape Heart
Pattern Solid
item type dessert plates
color 6 colors
material stainless
type dish set
use candy dish
dishes and plates sets western dish sets
item dessert plate
production fruit plate
Fruit Cake Tray Nordic Style Multipurpose Kitchenware
Fruit Cake Tray Nordic Style Multipurpose Kitchenware


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