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Chopstick Holder Protect Chopstick From Rolling Off

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  • Material: Wood
  • Hassle-Free Cleaning
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Size: 1:4.8*1.8cm/2:6.8*2.8cm/3:7.3*3.3cm/4:5.8*1.8cm/5:4.7*1.5cm/6:7*1.7cm/7:8.7*2.7cm
  • Diameter: 4.8cm/10:5.4*1.5cm/11:5.3*3.3cm/12:6.5*2.8cm/13:6.1*2.0cm/14:4.2*1.7cm

Chopstick Holder Protect Chopstick From Rolling Off

A traditional or conventional Japanese meal becomes more special with those little and attractive sticks. It manipulates you to get the delicious sushi to your mouth. However, using chopsticks for for-loving westerners can be frustrating when they wish to try local cuisine. From entirely bizarre for simple, there’s impressive chopstick rest that fits any style in Japan. The table setting is an essential component that rests chopstick precisely the way you wish to do. Without touching the table, the chopstick holder helps it to rest. Most of the restaurants provide their customers chopsticks wrapped inside a paper. However, when you wish to try it home, you need to have it to avail of all the benefits of fun opportunities.

Chopstick Holder Or Hashioki

It’s tableware same as that of a knife or spoon rest. It’s used to maintain chopstick tips off the ground, thus protecting it from rolling off tables and contaminations. Most commonly, they are found in homes and restaurants. Chopstick holder comes in different shapes; even created using clay, metal, glass, plastic, and porcelain. Some people prefer to fold the paper sleeves to form a chopstick rest.

In east Asia, formal dinners especially include it. Usually, placed on the left side of your dish, and the chopsticks rest parallel to the edge of the table, pointing toward the right or left of the meal. Benefits of chopstick such as coordination training, food index lowering, weight loss, etc. make it famous.


Chopstick holders not only looks cool but also used in various non-food-related activities. Chopstick seems to act as an emergency self-defensive weapon or use them in crafts. Some holders come with printing style stand.


Chopstick holder is suitable for holding forks, spoons, knives, chopsticks, and other tableware. The material used may be porcelain or any other. The color offered is full in range.

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