Lemon Squeezer – Easiest Way To Squeeze Our Lemon Juice


  • It comes with lemon sprayer material that is easy to use and is easy to clean.
  • The Plastic based product comes in various parts such as the main Spindle type screw, the head spray, and the squeezer stand.
  • The screw comes in 2 sizes which can be used as per the fruit size and requirement.
  • 10cm (3.9”); Small one size about 8.5cm (3.3”)
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Squeezing lemons is essential to have the best taste of the food. The sour taste helps to enhance the flavor of food and gives a mixed feeling on the menu. The squeezing of lemons with hands becomes difficult as the size of fruit is not that big. Hence the lemon squeezer makes the work easy and helps to do it in an even quicker way.

Construction Of The Lemon Squeezer

The squeezer has got the screw-like plastic device to get screwed in the lemon till the bottom of the lemon and head get fixed at the top attached with the sprayer. On pressing the spray, the lemon juice automatically comes out from the holes and can be used directly in food as required.  All the gadgets are available in plastic and are detachable. Hence this can easily be washed and cleaned before re-using the same. One can squeeze the lemon and get more juice just when the lemon is about to get exhausted. All this requires very nominal efforts and makes the work easy as compared to squeezing lemon with hands.

Specifications Of The Product

The width of the lemon squeezer stand is 7.6 cms, and two height variables are available such ten cms & 8.5 cms. Depending on the lemon size, one has to select the lemon squeezer required. The optimum amount of the juice dropped out and used directly in the fruits. The bigger squeezer can be used for other products as well, like oranges, grapefruits, and other fruits. While the smaller one can take out juice from limes, and tangerines. The regular cleaning of the spray filter is essential as the seeds may sometimes block the holes. Hence this becomes a beneficial product as this saves time with full utilization of lemons and does not waste any of them.  Moreover, this squeezer is also used for multiple fruits.

Specification: Lemon Squeezer – Easiest Way To Squeeze Our Lemon Juice


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Lemon Squeezer – Easiest Way To Squeeze Our Lemon Juice
Lemon Squeezer – Easiest Way To Squeeze Our Lemon Juice


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