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Metal Cake Turntable For Any Occasion

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  • Tool: Kitchenware
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 25cm x13cm, 3cmx13.5cm,36cmx13cm
  • Color: Metal or steel
  • Use: For decorating cake.



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Metal Cake Turntable For Any Occasion

People of all age groups love to have cakes. Especially ones that are well decorated. Decorating a cake is as important as baking them. One of the best things that aids in the right decoration are our product metal cake turntable. As the name suggests, metal is used to make this. Sometimes while decorating a cake, you are not able to go to the other side. For this, using this cake turntable is best as it rotates the cube to the other side for you to decorate. Now you can ice the cake all around by just standing in one place.

Other Details On Turntable:

As its name suggests, this product is available in metal. It is 10 12 14 inches in size.10 inch table can fit 4-8 inch cake and is 25cm and 13 cm in height. Twelve inches can fit up to 10 inches and is 31 cm, and 13.5cm in height.14inch can fit up to the 14-inch cake and is 36cm and 13cm in height. It spins very smoothly without any hindrances. Circular in shape and has three rings in the disk. After so many days of lockdown in the world due to the coronavirus, we have started shipping again. Now we are offering free shipping to all our customers. To book your product clicks on Buy Now. It is also cash on delivery. Further, it is lightweight and easy to wash after use how we are even offering the product at a 40% discounted price. So grab this opportunity to get this product at an affordable price and make the best cakes with lovely decorations on it. Now it’s no more climbing or moving to the other side to decorate the other side of the cake. If you are a cake lover and love to bake and decorate cakes, you must own a metal cake turntable in your kitchen.

Specification: Metal Cake Turntable For Any Occasion

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Metal Cake Turntable For Any Occasion
Metal Cake Turntable For Any Occasion


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