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Outdoor Coffee Cups With Modern Simplicity

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  • An ultra-thin coffee cup: safe and great for travels.
  • 12 color options to choose from.
  • Cup heat resistance: -40 degrees C to 250 degrees C.
  • Lid heat resistance: -40 degrees C to 100 degrees C.
  • Capacity: 270ml.
  • Expand size: 9.5cm x 8.5cm x 4.5cm.
  • Folding size: 9.5cm x 1.5cm.



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Outdoor Coffee Cups With Modern Simplicity

How about having an ultra-thin coffee cup attached to your backpack as you travel? Would you like to try our very stylish outdoor coffee cups usable anywhere? That can be a great choice. This is because these cups find an immense number of uses. You may use them as camping cups as well as travel cups. Use them at home or anywhere you go.  Also, this is an entirely reliable coffee cup due to excellent features as per health and safety. There is every reason to own this product; it can simplify things for you to a great extent when it comes to drinking coffee, tea, or water.

Outdoor Coffee Cups: Coming To Its Exemplifying Features

These cups are great for children and adults. You may use them as you go out for sports activities or outdoor ones like camping, trekking, hiking and more. It is foldable and made so thin; you won’t feel its weight at all. Further, it has all necessary characteristics like temperature resistance for both cups and lids, the use of food-grade materials, and easy cleaning. Also, it is smooth on the surface with excellent flexibility. You may rest assured due to non-toxic and safe, environmentally friendly material use.

What’s With This Silicone Material?

These outdoor coffee cups are tear-resistant, with good softness and non-aging. Further, this silicone is far from deforming with time and use. You can easily fold it and use it on a prolonged basis. The silicone of this reliable coffee cup is safe and harmless. Also, this silicone comes from stone on the beach. It is corrosion-resistant and great for baking and cooking. This product is hence very suitable for hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, of course, our own kitchens and living rooms and travels. It has good hydrophobicity, and oil won’t penetrate through its surface. If that’s not all, it has a non-stick surface, easy to wash with detergent.

So Many Attractive Color Options

This is a great thing about these camping cups. They’re not only reliable coffee cups, but a large number of color options gives them an astonishing appearance.

Specification: Outdoor Coffee Cups With Modern Simplicity

Brand Name



Coffee Cups


Silicone / 304 stainless steel / PE







Model Number





Ultra-thin Travel Folding Cup

Color 1

Matcha / Orange / Light green / Transparent / Gray / Red / Pink

Color 2

Coffee / Purple / Blue / Brown / Dark green / Mint

Cup heat resistance

-40°C ~ 250°C

Lid heat resistance

-40°C ~ 100°C


Expand 9.5*8.5*4.5cm / Folding 9.5*1.5cm


Modern simplicity


About 270ml

Outdoor Coffee Cups With Modern Simplicity
Outdoor Coffee Cups With Modern Simplicity


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