Pancake Tool Funnel For Multipurpose Use


  • Helps you to put the batter on the pans, cupcake molders, and baking tins
  • Easy and very convenient to use
  • Can be used for pancake batter, cupcake batter, icing, and melted chocolate
  • Material: Eco-friendly plastic
  • Package content: 1 x Pancake tool funnel


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Pancake Tool Funnel For Multipurpose Use

This pancake tool is basically a funnel that has multipurpose use. It is a convenient way to put pancake batter unto pans. One of the many challenges of cooking a pancake is the putting of the batter unto the pan. More often than not, it tends to get messy. Spills and falling batter all over the kitchen counter. Not only is it messy, but it is also such a waste fo ingredients. You could have another piece of pancake with the amount of spillage you get. That is why to reduce all of the mess and spillage. Better use this funnel. It is a multipurpose funnel that is not only limited to pancake batters. You can also use it for other food items. Liquid food items that are like batter for cakes, cupcakes, and muffins. You can even use it for syrups like honey, chocolates, milk chocolates and the likes.

Food Preparation Made Easy

Preparing food can sometimes be a stressful task. And it should not be. Cooking or baking for that matter should be done with excitement and joy and not with tiredness and stress. That is why this funnel is a lifesaver for those individuals who always have trouble with messy food preparation. This is the very reason it was created. To make food preparation easy. And not only easy but clean. Worry no more of those unwanted droplets of pancake batter and cake batter. With this funnel, you can conveniently transfer batters from the mixing bowl to the pan, cupcake molders or baking sheets. Not only does it save you time from cleaning all the mess, but it also gives you more time to relax too.

Features Of The Pancake Tool

The pancake tool is an eco-friendly plastic funnel. This is not an ordinary funnel because it has an open-close function. It means you can opt to close and open the “opening” of the funnel as you wish. That feature actually makes it convenient to use it.

Specification: Pancake Tool Funnel For Multipurpose Use

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Pancake Tool Funnel For Multipurpose Use
Pancake Tool Funnel For Multipurpose Use


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