Pastry Tray Non-Stick Reusable Baking Mat

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  • Reusable so it saves you money on baking sheets
  • It is a high temperature resistant so ideal for baking
  • Made with top quality so you can use over and over for a long period of time
  • Material: Teflon
  • Package content: 1 x Pastry Tray


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Pastry Tray Non-Stick Reusable Baking Mat

A pastry tray is a non-stick reusable mat that is ideal for baking. Other terms for this mat is a baking sheet, baking mat or pastry sheet. It is basically what bakers would put on a regular tray so that the cookie or other baked goodies will not stick on the pan. These sheets are very handy because it helps preserve the quality of the baked goodies. It makes it easier for the baker to remove the finished products without breaking it.

Reusable Sheet Pan Baking Liners

One good thing about these trays are that they are reusable. It is a great replacement for parchment papers for baking which are not necessarily reusable. With that said, you can use these trays over and over. Having these reusable liners allow you to save on baking sheets. Not only does it save you a lot of money. It also saves you time and energy. 

Food Grade Premium Material

Items and tools that are in close contact with food should be food grade. And not only food-grade but premium. That means that they are safe to use because they are non-toxic. The best part is that it is FDA approved. Moreover, they are eco-friendly, waterproof, oil-proof, non-stick and flexible. So you do not have to worry much about the trays breaking easily.

Multifunctional Pastry Tray

These reusable trays are actually multifunctional. And because they are heat resistant up to 520℉/270℃ you can use it for various cooking needs. It is oven safe and microwave safe. Therefore you can use them as baking parchment sheets, barbecue grill mats, macaron baking mats, and as oven liners. Furthermore, you may also use it for non-food purposes like for heat press transfers, ironing board protectors, ironing protector and even as a table mat.

Specification: Pastry Tray Non-Stick Reusable Baking Mat


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Pastry Tray Non-Stick Reusable Baking Mat
Pastry Tray Non-Stick Reusable Baking Mat


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